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  1. The original series was mostly kept asexual, and I think that was a good thing. I think Shaggy ended up getting a girlfriend in some movies, but that was pretty much it at first.

  2. My best friend exorcist is such a fucking disapointiment

  3. I would say Survival Horror should be games, where you can't fight back. So Outlast and Frictional Games (sans Penumbra: Overture) and all similar games should count. But not anything else where you can fight back.

  4. Soo Resident Evil and Silent Hill arent Survival horrors?

  5. Sirem 2 Fatal frame 2 Rule of rose Haunting ground Cold fear

  6. I can’t believe these three went along with “We built a bomb for funzies.” I get not blaming Chucky, but I’d double down and say I don’t have a fucking clue what happened or that the dead kid brought the bomb in

  7. Just say "some incel/racist/right wing/terrorist send that shit"

  8. Reginald the Vampire looks "cancelled in two seasons"

  9. Cancwlled before they realize What we do in the shadows already exist

  10. But you posted a movie poster too so you were at least hoping a little bit, right?

  11. worst Niel is a artist,Tommy Wiseau has charisma and James Nguin is genuine kind person

  12. Derek speak english worst than a brazilian on Xbox call

  13. Can someone name the last two manga in isekai and drifting image?

  14. Thank you!!! First one in it is Corpse Party right?

  15. Ooh nah, the black and white gives off some Lighthouse vibes but Eggers is way more subtle overall.

  16. The characters are on the second year...soo they probabily gonna make the 3rd year and end

  17. for me to is better than No way home is my third favorite MCU movie

  18. Didn't they make a movie with a similar title starring Eliza Duskhu(sp?) ?

  19. yeah, Soul Survivor and is Garbage, Eliza Dushku is barely on the movie and every scene of her is just to make the main character looks anti-lesbian

  20. me...i okay with fake kids being eating by werewolfs, woman being sliced in half by crackhead clown and redneck dirty family killing people left and right...but i just dont want too see things that happened in real life sorry

  21. No dont belive them its great go watch it. Now

  22. the fun thing is that Anime are the oposite,some animes you can see the character naked...but gore? no paint that shit black

  23. Hannibal is an excellent series. Mads Mikkelsen putting in a career-best performance, incredible cinematography, immaculate editing, compelling story, low-grade/intentional camp. It did Ryan Murphy horror better than Ryan Murphy. It honored Thomas Harris' novels and did fan service right, but still did it's own thing with the source material, taking unexpected turns. Season 4 with Clarice Starling added to the cast, PLEASE.

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