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  1. Fine dining is really a good working knowledge of major and modern cooking techniques, different cuts of meat and fish, and some basic wine pouring skills, then being able to verbalize it in a casual, but confident way.

  2. If it's been a while my main recommendation would be to stick with something under 20% THC, to get your feet wet.

  3. Nope. And I have moved on to cookies. I make a batch of cookies and before I throw the chocolate chips I throw in between 5 and 8g of ABV that I kinda ground down a little better. No extra oil needed. Then I add whatever else and bake. Can't taste it. 2 hits me just fine.

  4. To paraphrase a rap song, real gangsters don’t flex their nuts because they know they got ‘em.

  5. Real gangstas never run their mouths, cause real gangstas never start fights.

  6. I live in Cincinnati. I have driven up to Dayton for 30% of whatever brand I was looking for and loaded up on a couple of ozs. Time is money in my eye. If I can save over a $100 for a 2 hour rounder with good tunes and good smoke and the free time. I'm a gonna.

  7. Where did you go in Dayton if I can ask? I am also in Cincy and from Dayton so I go there a bit-may look into this if it's worth it.

  8. I shop at sunnyside for my main regular purchases because they bundle for items for a straight 20% discount. Columbia Care always has but alas for 30% on Wednesday and has 30% days on other producers throughout the month. If I can score something at the Monroe locationz then great, I have once in a while drove to the Dayton location because the had some specific strain, and overall, saved an ass load of money.

  9. I buy a 5 pack of Snell Getsum and a 4 pack of Snell MTB-X and split those with my dad. My Getsums I play early in the year and the MTB-Xs, once I get my shit together.

  10. She said there were really good deals but didn't say where??

  11. Nobody will turn an eye at a box of Titeliest Pro-V golf balls, and they will run you about $50. Beyond that, the game is fairly personal as far as equipment goes, so Gift Certificates to Golf Galaxy or Dicks is another good option.

  12. There is also a book of coupons from a place called I buy a book every year. They are about $45 to $50 bucks,and they allow me to play plenty of great courses in my region for cheap. My group uses it every Wed of the season, and I use it every other time I play. Great for golfers who are also budget minded.

  13. Hope it's not labeled wrong and ends up being shake..

  14. I've gone through 4 tubs since I've been a costco member.

  15. Bought it when it first came out a couple of weeks ago love it.

  16. The better question is, how many fairways do you hit in a round?

  17. Why don't we just advertise drag shows every single day at some obscure locations all over every major town.

  18. That old school wisdom is so beautiful sometimes.

  19. My grandma always said, "You're never too old to start hooking."

  20. My grandpa always said, " Golf is very hard to learn, but once you do get good... it becomes frustrating."

  21. You can look it up on the registry page, which is the website where you pay for it, and get your ID card.

  22. Doesn't matter if you lie or not. If you discharge your weapon and hurt/kill someone and police are involved. You will be tested. We all know how long Mary Jane stays in your system that there will be an issue.

  23. A lot of people are scared to, but I have a pretty solid Phil Mickelson flop shot. The trick is to only do it when I really need it. In reality, only once every couple of rounds.

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