1. Yup, either you crash like in the video, or you get the wrong way message and respawn, and then get passed.

  2. Worst experience I had was being 500+ meters ahead of 2nd. Getting reset and the 2nd place guys passes me because the bridge raised for him and I didn’t have enough speed after reset 🙃

  3. That shit was so fucking funny. She got scared by a bee and sent her parents to the shadow realm. It was supposed to be serious but it was such a funny orphan story.

  4. while im also against spending 2K on fifa, but maybe OP is super rich and this amount means nothing to him.

  5. Still dumb tho. Unless Op is a kid with parents cards

  6. Yeah there's no way they do that again after the backlash the 1st time with MW 12

  7. They are narcissists and delusional assholes, they believe that every fucking SE Asian culture belongs to them alone

  8. They trying to stay relevant while everyone else takes the spotlight

  9. Doesn’t look like the pilot is giving it max until the end. Does anyone know the acceleration graph of the 29?

  10. Need to leak the documents like War Thunder players

  11. Awesome overtake. Nice racing. Other guy do be coping

  12. Biggest problem I see when it comes to unintentional ramming on GT7.

  13. instead of begging for subs go do actual good content and ull get them easily

  14. There are self promotion sub reddits you know

  15. Clown with them once 10+ years ago and probably the worst airline I’ve been on to date

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