1. Question is know this is an old post. By any chance do you remember how old the cart was from the expiration date?

  2. Definitely one of the darker ones but still good! Just make sure to check the expiration date

  3. Thanks for the response. The one I have is within the expiration date. But the color is almost black. Was yours black?

  4. It was super dark brown to the point where it was hard to see through it. I find this is true with a lot of the S&S carts that have high THCA content. If it’s within the exp date I say you’re good to go! I love the flavor on the island jito, it’s earthy and dank and not very artificial tasting like some of the other ones

  5. Hello question about the island jito you had a while back. How dark was the oil of you don’t mind me asking?

  6. What you think about it I have two eggs of it right now have yet to try it

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