1. If Mercedes can’t provide him a car he should move to Red Bull

  2. Why would he not be? He was cheated out of his 8th WDC followed by two years in a junk car.

  3. Is anyone old enough to know the difference in taste from then to now?

  4. But if they work them more, the birthrate will plummet even further, and Korea will never have a replacement generation. China is going through this right now, and will probably collapse this decade

  5. Lol... I encourage you to visit NYC... Any high population cities has this problems. Even Tokyo.

  6. You can't both file HoH because it is impossible for both you you to pay more than half of the cost. Also it is impossible for the child to live with both of you more than half of the year, if you don't all live together.

  7. We do all live together, but my ex and I are not in a relationship. We just split everything 50/50.

  8. Its not my car, i scanned it from a sellers car. Not sure if the car is coded. What i mean is that those are fault codes that i scanned.

  9. Yeah, if the car is coded, fault codes can be triggered, but it’s not detrimental to its health. Clear them and see which ones come back

  10. So that’s why he makes that face! I always thought he was just groovin.

  11. We have too much chlorine on the island. I’d recommend a KDF55 Gac filter

  12. I wonder how Daniel feels about this. Baby momma’s bf is Max

  13. Wait does the f22 have this feature?

  14. Yup, you can go through the menu and put as many as you want. My old e82 had this feature as well

  15. I used to it write an script for an MC for a work Gala. It wrote the speech (welcome and closing remarks) for my CEO.

  16. Internal body temperature is the same regardless

  17. He played many night shows. They’re on film

  18. It bugs me how slow that thing is and how loud it is too

  19. Yeah, but think of it happening at the last stop, as the car changes direction for the return trip. It’s not doing this every stop

  20. It depends on the cafe. For instance when I’m in Seoul, I can visit a 2-4 level cafe with interesting aesthetics on each floor. You can find a cozy corner and try their beans. In NYC it’s very cramped, but many roasters you can try, if you like, you buy. It’s more of an exploration in my case.

  21. yeah, that address in Seoul would be helpful... I'd like to try

  22. If you have insta you can follow today_dessert of some ideas. Also, there are some good spots in Anguk

  23. Is this "The Experience" or Band of Gypsy's, can't make out the other members

  24. I do not recall seeing Hendrix playing a "lefty" guitar, I wonder if he had any special made for him.

  25. He just restrung them, which helped with his distinctive sound, because the pickup were flipped. Clapton had a lefty guitar made for him, but sadly he died right before he had a chance to give it to him

  26. It’s frustrating living here 3 years later, with now minimal threat from covid, that 95% of people wear them in public. It must be having a bad effect on mental health, especially amongst the children, who basically spent their youth with their faces hidden. I appreciate that they are careful and concerned about health, but there’s definitely no considerations for other side effects, such as the huge amount of waste generated by daily use of medical masks.

  27. That is a point that rarely gets talked about, the children. I’m scared to see what may have been altered in their emotional intelligence abilities.

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