Link Dragonfly/L Catterton Fund and Kirkland Ellis shortly before RC bought Stake in BBBY

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  1. Appreciate the heads up. Good find. Who knows what it means but I closed out my calls for July. Tired of getting fucked by this investment lol

  2. Hey buddy, how’s your 3K doing? lmao. I’m just here to warn you again that you’re giving away money to bondholders. They thank you.

  3. Damn you really needed this one to make it through another day in whatever life you’re living huh? You obviously need it. I’ll tell you right now for your own sake, it’s not looking great. Hope you make it through the week.. best of luck “buddy”

  4. I enjoy reminding stupid people they’re stupid. Thanks. I see you’re putting even more money in, great risk management!

  5. Again, you clearly need it if that’s what helps you get through the day. That’s a mental health issue dude.

  6. At this point there’s just an insane amount of coincidences that I’d be more shocked if this shit didn’t happen than if it actually comes full circle and I have hella digits in my account

  7. has a single cryptic twitter post amounted to anything in the last two years?

  8. In subtle ways, I think so. Not major yet no, but this is a long process my friend.

  9. When did he tag GME? Also that's GME. GME is GME and BBBY is BBBY. Give me a link if you can so I can look at it.

  10. Go to his twitter. 4 days ago and on 3/21 before earnings. If we can talk about GME possibly acquiring BuyBuyBaby, we can talk about this guy hinting that big things are coming for GME. On top of Cohen liking his original tweet about it being important someday.

  11. Ayeeee hope you get that MewTwo. I pulled the gold giratina

  12. These people can buy a lot of shares now, if they don’t believe in you enough to take your advice, do they really believe in you?

  13. Good question. I’m still trying hard to explain it to people close around me. Not much luck.

  14. Look back in history at lottery winners 98% of them are broke after 3 years please don't be like them be smart regard

  15. I did not know that. Although it’s not super surprising. I know it happens to a lot of athletes too. I’m still in an intense graduate program for a few years so hopefully that keeps me grounded. Be smart with me let’s do this

  16. I will show you all how hard I can cry if they do an extension.

  17. Yeah soon, finish them or we will be the ones that will be finished. Already down about 75%. Not sure what he is waiting for, for shareholders to be down 95% or more? Some are already down 90%. Why hasn't he finished them already? I kept hearing that he will finish them about 7 months ago and everyday since then i kept hearing the same thing. Now here I am nearly broke and this dude is taking his time to finish them, why? Why is he taking so long?

  18. The amount of effort and things needed to happen are immense I imagine and take tons of time. Rome is not built in a day. I understand your feelings but it’s probably best to find some patience in trusting the process. It seems like every week now we are getting little tidbits of information about things changing. Stay zen my friend 🧘🏻‍♂️

  19. The dude knows what he wants. I simply can’t imagine him not working relentlessly pursuing this over the past year

  20. Bro never in my life did I think I would prefer the week over a weekend.. but here we are 🤣

  21. In investment, the five percent rule is a philosophy that says an investor should not allocate more than five percent of their portfolio funds into one security or investment. The rule also referred to as FINRA 5% policy, applies to transactions like riskless transactions and proceed sales.

  22. Dude chose violence and I’m on board

  23. no complete sets. Own a bunny, Cape Canaveral and the powerup rewards pass

  24. What's your expectation for April 14th with GME?

  25. Hahaha it was leftover change after the calls so I was like hell I’ll buy 20 extra bobbies 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. It’s the old brownie slipping sticking finger disease prevalent in apes of a certain subreddit.

  27. I got it bad man. Might end up being chronic. My hands are… are turning all… all diamondy too.

  28. Just a lil itty bitty mini sneeze. Only the beginning 😌

  29. I don't follow any statistics they provide anymore!!! It's all misleading and FAKE! The charts speak for themselves, nothing more! All this daily hopium doesn't affect me anymore, not that I invested ever in what others have to say 💯 ♨️🍿💎🌄

  30. Didn't the company literally release a filling that said so? Guess you should slap the entire board

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