1. You're basically hoping to see Joker see things rationally. I can 1000% confirm that will never happen.

  2. The thing is that he's tried to kill Doomsday and Darkseid and he was going to strangle Lex Luthor to death. He also left KGBeast to die in a sewer and he seemingly has no problem attacking and killing alternate versions of himself (he was trying to kill BWL and the other alternate batmans).

  3. I honestly can't recall when he's tried to kill Doomsday or Darkseid. Maybe you could clarify the Darkseid one? I'm hoping it's not going to be during Final Crisis and is some other event. Final Crisis even made him break his rule about guns because the stakes were so high.

  4. How fast do you think ants move? Do you think the human is just going to stand in the middle and stomp? lol

  5. 1 trillions ants is basically like a hyper-dense cloud of darkness that will rip your flesh off your body upon physical contact with millions of bites at once

  6. Zatanna would recreate her body, she did so after being vaporized by The Upside Down Man

  7. Ngl it seems like if everyone was given the same power level things would kind of progress like marvel/dc, we might see a rogues gallery start to form against Goku and the Z Fighters would need to become much more coordinated imo. I could see the Z fighters becoming an actual-ass superhero team as they try to recruit more people to their side (since everyone is in the same relative level of power so hax is much more potent)

  8. Depends on the state of the old boxer. If he's relatively healthy he can win.

  9. That's a good video but I feel like the old boxer would literally have no answer to the younger guy shoving him at full force or kicking him. They were playing by boxing rules where the younger guy couldn't just body-check him and knock him over.

  10. Social media could be very harmful to people. It’s been proven to have negative effects on mental health. I just think the situation surrounding it is automatically very different from cigarettes since social media doesn’t give you cancer. Also, social media can be used responsibly. Cigarettes can’t.

  11. the reason it’s silly is because air, earth, and water are fucking everywhere. fire, thank god, is not. plus all the other elements can snuff out a natural fire pretty trivially.

  12. I mean water isn't really everywhere within the rules of the universe unless you count bloodbending. But extending that logic airbenders should be able to bend the oxygen in people's blood, earthbenders should be able to control iron and possibly electromagnetism, and firebenders should be able to control thermal energy of any kind.

  13. I am begging all of you to look at the trap like I’m begging. There’s no way Batman is escaping unless it’s complete PIS.

  14. Okay I'm looking at the scene this is an easy dub. Batman can literally snap off the chains holding him vertically and tear through those teeth that are in front of him. Since the teeth are keeping his ribcage together he can rip them off and hold it in place with one arm and leave to look for medical help. These traps aren't designed for someone with (effectively) superhuman strength, pain tolerance and extreme pragmatism and intelligence.

  15. I’m sorry let me get this straight. You’re telling me Batman, would survive having every single one of his ribs and lungs ripped out of his chest simultaneously?

  16. Way to ignored everything except a single sentence. Very admirable cherry picking.

  17. A couple if the man go behind him and punch the back of his neck a few times, then punch his kneecaps. Assuming he hits at full force every time it should take about 10 hits before Mike Tyson is actually injured and disoriented.

  18. Should be an habbit to write down the version of a long running character.

  19. Yeah but why was he 'letting' himself get hit at all? You can't say it's because he was holding back, because he went all-out against regular humans. Literally, his greatest speed feat in the entire movie was against regular ass humans

  20. The simple answer is that he wanted to style on Hawkman and flex his superiority, I'm pretty sure the two are being set up as like some kind of weird-ass Batman/Superman dynamic (Hawkman has a futuristic jet and a mansion now!)

  21. You'd think, but the entire worldwide population of domesticated hamsters comes from a single brother-sister pair mated in the 1930s. There are others in the wild, but they were never successfully bred for pet and lab purposes before that. In essence, the entire wild population could disappear overnight and there'd still be a viable species going on.

  22. i disagree, I think a lot of comic books lean progressive

  23. Not necessarily, they also have a defaulting on the status quo. Some villains (that surgeon turned vigilante I forgot his name) are literally just liberal strawmen to be beaten around.

  24. It is if SBP has shown to be capable of completely disobeying the laws of physics

  25. Have you seen any of the portrayals of Bane? His Latino origins are completely erased from all three of his live action depictions. Tom Hardy in TDKR sounds like Sean Connery instead of a man from a Latin American country

  26. What's the third one if the first two are Batman and Robin and TDKR

  27. That Superman scan you showed about his speed is just the opinion of a single writer on the basis of a pure hypothetical; it in no way substitutes for actual feats. The fact that Wonder Woman and Cheetah are even in the discussion is laughable.

  28. Low-quality scans (especially since these scans are often from comics in the 90s) don't delegitimatize the fact that they happened.

  29. He could get to a point of being able to draw characters like Beerus or Vegeta into existence. Seeing as he was able to create as many DC characters as he wanted in his game, he might be able to make duplicates.

  30. The usual. They control everything. They run everything. And now this sub is full of bots that keep trying to shame us for liking Ye. I read somewhere years ago that the ADL sends out email alerts whenever someone speaks out against them. That's why they seem to counterattack at the same time on twitter and stuff.

  31. Funnily enough, Superman might be the easiest to take down with prep and unlimited resources. I think he'll be more likely to use red sun energy than kryptonite, since I think he could probably reproduce it himself, and it's better to just depower supes and contain him than cause him pain.

  32. GL's ring is a construct of his own will so he can't take it off.

  33. The guy wins low-mid difficulty mainly due to the drastic speed difference. He's basically as strong as a world-class strongman with the speed and reflexes better than a world-class gymnast.

  34. If you're including things like increased mass then the guy godstomps, he's basically a grizzly bear in human form

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