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  1. Geez, you would think the other major studios would pony up the money to join, it be that high of a pricetag?

  2. Well the big three are Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate, apparently MGM is now doing their own thing, like Paramount, and Paramount is also mostly surviving because of the use of Tom Cruise. I feel like Paramount is worried that they would lose money doing it, I doubt MGM will do it while trying to start up their own app, so out of the three I feel like Lionsgate is the most likely option, and out of the three. I think they have the best catalog, I mean two of their biggest, at least newer contenders are The Hunger Games and John Wick. Although to be fair, I do want to watch Mission: Impossible on YouTube so I'm rooting for Paramount as well, and one of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride so MGM is something I want to. I'm kind of hoping that they collaborate with smaller studios and give them a good deal, I think it would be cool if they got studios like Lifetime and Hallmark, since their whole thing is trying to spread joy.

  3. Looks like I might be out of luck since I already own the first movie in HD. Not seeing an option for buying when I already own it. Thanks for the instructions though.

  4. My VUDU movie ported to MA. But it only transferred in HD. I’m also only seeing HD for purchase. I have 4K version on VUDU. Is this just me?

  5. It didn't port for me, I have it in 4k on Vudu, but still not showing up in my library on MA

  6. I made a tracking sheet a long time ago, but I kind of like yours better, so I might change mine to look a little closer to yours, they only problem is I have almost 3k movies, so that'll be some work.

  7. They were already in the world for like a day at that point, they all came at the same time. Also, neither Spider-Man was in the middle of fighting anything, the reason why Peter 2 and Peter 3 shot each other is because they could sense each other so they shot at each other as a reaction to test the other. Did you really forget the spell was contained well before that point? That means that it couldn't bring anyone else over, the reason why they were going to destroy the spell was so that it couldn't get out and cause problems, which it did when Goblin threw a grenade that destroyed the box.

  8. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion and for the compliment :)

  9. You're welcome, I do the muffins and there are different kinds. I had double chocolate and banana chocolate chip yesterday, they have zucchini and stuff in them, but you can't taste the veggies, unless you go for the ones like Superfood one, which is all veggies.

  10. Very cute, also I often just go with premade stuff, a brand called Veggies Made Great has some good stuff

  11. I did yeah but I'm only in for two days then I'm off for 3 so win really haha

  12. Exactly, I'm off for two then I work two then I'm off one then I work every other day which is annoying.

  13. Oh that can be annoying, I'm in this weekend coming so that's always fun πŸ™„

  14. I work most weekends, the person that fixes the schedules left so it's all computer generated by a stupid program right now, it's part of the reason why my schedules are stupid right now.

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