He knows what’s important to his little girl

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  1. If their identity is centered around Disney. Sorry. I said it.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Every time I see this, and it's so frequent in my life, it's been an automatic red flag which has allowed me to dodge several very unstable people.

  3. I post the same to most sites, but if you're smart you'll read what's doing well on those sites to get an idea of what the audience expects.

  4. Well, I really need to brush up on learning new genres then. Do you publish under the same username as this one?

  5. I'll check your work out! I wasn't sure whether to use my real name or not when I made my accounts for things. Does it matter?

  6. I'm not a violent man but there are days when I feel like public executions would do some good. How this man could be allowed to continue this is horrific. Those poor kids.

  7. As someone who wants a giant gator army, I'm more bummed than anything about competitive rules but I think that could be remedied by creation of more units of said types in armies. I've only worked on a couple tabletop games so I can't say I understand the balancing that goes into it as well as opr has done.

  8. Yeah but I get it. Mine are still little but I'd camp outside Walmart for a month to get a box of crackers if it made them happy. They're the coolest things I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

  9. I think you can read the things you enjoy and say whatever you like. Too much revolves around what is "acceptable" and not enough about what you enjoy. Society evolves and with it so does the media that is associated with said society. If you read 300 pages of War and Peace or Peanuts cartoons, it wouldn't matter as long as you enjoyed the process but if you feel obligated to be more honest within the societal parameters, just say, "I read X comic books/graphic novels and X novels/books."

  10. I've tried that several times and every one has failed. I checked the model for errors and didn't find any using netfab.

  11. You haven't provided information on how it fails or pictures of failures so I'm not sure I can help you with that. I'm currently printing it as pictured above to verify that it prints fine and I'll update you in a few hours. In the meantime, screenshots from your slicer as well as pictures of it failed and I'll be happy to spitball some ideas about what could help.

  12. Sorry about that. I was half asleep when I posted. I didn't take pictures of the failures but it failed around the 10th layer consistently. Thanks for fixing the model. I will try to print it and if it fails for whatever reason, I will make sure to take pictures and post that information. I appreciate all the help.

  13. Man, this got me! I was like WTF I was just starting to really connect with her!

  14. Jim Butcher. I feel like there is an air of "eh" around the Dresden files series but I absolutely love them.

  15. I love the audiobooks so much. Marsters is amazing.

  16. The face you make when you see what they are trying to sell you.

  17. He's one of those annoying friends who makes enough money to buy everything he really wants, so I decided to print and paint a GFF squad and invite him over to play. :) I hope he likes them!

  18. This kind of gift is the best thing for guys like that because it's something you made and has your work in it. Awesome work man.

  19. I'm actively working on one as we speak! The mechs will be animal like as opposed to being hominid but it's happening.

  20. Yes! I can't do anything with that IP because TOMY owns it but that with the creation of our own IP, we can do all kinds of fun stuff.

  21. "Poor people can't afford expensive thing, we wonder why they don't buy them?"

  22. And it's got more problems than than jay-z.

  23. This is exactly what I have been wanting for years. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  24. Looks awesome. Do you have any videos of you using the mold? I’d be interested to see the process

  25. Same here. I love seeing the process and better understanding how things were done. Great job!

  26. I'd kick start the hell out of something like this lol my partner and I were just talking about how a Zoids Minis game would be awesome and stumbled across this thread.

  27. Well good news, I'm actually reworking the rules and I'm going to make my own game with a... similar concept. I'm calling it Frame Runners. It's still early but it's coming. Anything you guys want to see in it specifically?

  28. Auxiliary models that can be support pieces like the mobile base that the Liger Zero uses for armor swaps, Bit's invisible truck, etc. would be a really fun dynamic that I haven't seen in other minis games. The idea we had was that you can swap weapon and equipment loadouts between games, but for example with the Liger Zero, you could have Panzer armor for the whole match or if you pay extra points during construction to bring the base, you can switch loadouts mid game. Something similar could be done to incorporate the Organoid concept as well, where your little raptor buddy can give a huge bonus to the zoid, similar to a different pilot in X-Wing.

  29. So the auxiliary models are definitely a big part of the gameplay for Frame Runners and they'll work kind of like what you're talking about. If you'd like, shoot me a message and I can explain all of it.

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