1. Voltshot is better than Rampage for ad clear. Range means nothing on an SMG in PvE.

  2. Mines still Clovis on my hunter cuz it's very horrifying after completing the quest on my titan

  3. Iirc subsistence doesn't proc voltshot at all bc voltshot requires a full/manual reload of the mag and doesn't register subsistence as such

  4. hey that's the thing i stuck inside an electrical outlet

  5. that episode had me fucked up and the edible i had made it worse man i wanted to cry

  6. I really love this entry where Brother Vance scolds a Titan for tearing apart the fabric of reality over and over for a god rolled Perfect Paradox.

  7. Follow up question, is there a point to using hammer forged or upgrading the range Mw is the range is already at 100 by default?

  8. I don't. I either find a card or forget about it halfway through

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