1. Ugh, I do not want Rutgers and Maryland every year.

  2. RU-Maryland rivalry just makes more sense than PSU-RU

  3. from our point of view, we have a bad experience/history with foreigners.. so in general we dont like most of outsiders (with the exception of Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania as we used to be 1 country - called Common Wealth ) but its slowly changing as life goes on and new generations start being more open/born into a free country where big cities are full of people of various races and countries...

  4. “let us do what we want on our own piece of soil” I understand your people suffered a lot, but that still doesn’t excuse harassment of innocent minorities in Poland. If an arab is sitting by himself not causing any harm to you or anyone, don’t fucking justify any attacks made to him. That just gives people a reason to hate Poland. Wtf is wrong with you barbarian

  5. You will find shit everywhere but especialy on Indian streets because that's where you all shit

  6. you have a very backwards and savage mindset

  7. Same thing has happened in Australia, it's flooded with Indians now.

  8. Australia is meant to be multicultural…

  9. Canada is our baby brother and the UK is the older sister we never got along with growing up but, mellowed out as adults

  10. UK is our mother, Canada is the little brother who still lives with his mother, and the US is the rebellious child that moved out years ago

  11. the truth is there are thousands dying every day all over the world and nobody really cares unless it's topical to us and then people go out of their way to support them, which is really just narcissism making it about themselves

  12. We care about collateral damage, but the enemy does not. Take that into consideration when debating war standards from your parents' basement.

  13. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this as it was my first time reading this article. Your comment on the end really shows our offended you get over nothing

  14. Andrew Tate not a fan of him, but Sienna Mae is still on social media despite the evidence of her SA another person. If Tate deserves to be banned from the internet, do do people like her

  15. I cannot fathom that this is still a debate. She doesn't say she has it harder than Bruce. That seems to be the main thing people are taking offense to, and she doesn't say it. She doesn't imply it either - she says she is better at controlling anger, and she does it more - both things can be true without her having gone through the sort of trauma Bruce has.

  16. I really hope this show brings up Bruce’s childhood with his abusive father. Nothing She Hulk went through can compare to that

  17. She did not say she had it harder than him. HE told her that she doesn't know how to control her anger, so she listed all the examples in her daily life in which she did out of necessity, just so she wouldn't get harassed, assaulted or even killed. That's what her "infinitely more than you" line was referring to. It wasn't to say "I suffered MORE than you" but to say "I have to control my anger every single day, every time someone wants to tear me down, humiliate me or even harm me." These are experiences that women go through on a daily basis, which men often turn a blind eye to, or simply shrug off. Never once did she invalidate or downplay his own trauma. In fact, she even acknowledges it in the very next scene.

  18. If Hulk brought up his childhood trauma with his abusive father, She-Hulk would’ve stayed quiet. None of her experiences compare to what Bruce had to endure, even before he became Hulk

  19. I say “Swo-tor” but in my head I spell it out for some reason

  20. You can't get the best actors in said roles when you HAVE to meet some inane quota to bring about this activist utopia wet dream.

  21. Can you elaborate on why you think its western countries and why you feel like it’s wrong? I feel like this only happens in countries that are multiethnic/multicultural (such as the US, Canada, and Australia), which would make sense for representation since you have so many different types of people in ur country. In those types of nations, how can it be wrong to add a diverse cast?

  22. Definitely outdated because I’ve seen McDonald’s at Bangladesh

  23. Who would say Bangladesh is so populated... it's a small country. Though I knew it's around 150 m. But I was surprised when I learned that.

  24. Fun fact: Bangladesh has a larger population than Russia which is really interesting given its size comparison

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