We adopted this adult male Friday, he has not eaten or moved. Set up a camera to watch and give him his space to settle down. Variety’s of food (wet, dry, tuna, milk, water bowl, water fountain, treats, etc). He’s very scared and not at all lethargic. What can we do for him?

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  1. Been wanting to try these. Haze looks like the perfect shade for me.

  2. because of you i just bought $176 worth of their products they better be good. 🤣

  3. Omg!!! What did you get!? I will say—that company has changed my skin. People literally think I’m 21 now LOL

  4. I think the GNR board would look lovely on you, followed closely (or maybe tied!) with the CNR.

  5. If you can’t get him to eat, you can use high quality chicken nuggets. Cut a little piece so it’s mostly the white inner chicken with just a teeny bit of outer breading.

  6. Obviously I don’t know the circumstances of your separation but cats are very sensitive to the vibes of their people. This could mean that he’s trying to comfort you because he senses the upheaval in the house or that (depending on the circumstances) he picked up that your husband was stressing you out/making His Person upset and is happier because the source of that stress is gone.

  7. That’s a good point… he’s very defensive of me haha. I had a dinner party over the weekend where someone said something that made me very uncomfortable—he went up and slapped her arm multiple times then walked away lol.

  8. Ohh yeah. I know a lot of cats that get like this with their person – in that case I definitely think it’s some combination of him picking up on your stress and trying to cheer you up by playing and cuddling and him noticing the removal of a major source of your stress (and therefore his) and being happier because of it. You’ve got a good boy on your hands. All best :)

  9. Honestly, if you’re familiar with the dark academia look you might find a lot we can wear in that aesthetic. Think high-waisted trousers with a tapered leg/cropped at the ankle & form fitting blouses or sweaters. You’d want to be able to tuck in your top or have it be cropped so that you don’t hide your waistline. I love blazers but the style for them right now is oversized and they would def swallow our frame. Jackets I’m loving right now are cropped leather moto jackets (which may be too casual for what you’re going for) or if you can find one that’s not too overwhelming and has a waist-belt a nice peacoat? I have one that’s midi-length and although it’s still not ideal for my frame the waist belt helps cinch it in a bit and keeping it from being too bulky.

  10. Agreed with this! For pants, look at ones that have a more “carrot” shape—the high waist, space in the hips, and tapering towards ankles tends to be very flattering, especially if the fabric has some movement.

  11. Unsd says:

    You could not look more chic if you tried. Like it feels so french to me if that makes sense lol.

  12. Yeah, I'm a femme that's into mainly femmes and some androgynous types.

  13. For Love and Lemons, Reformation, ASTR the label, and realisation par. I’ve also had luck with some Aritizia pants because some have this very drapey fabric.

  14. I think it's a weird mormon thing, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly why. When I was 14 or 15 I had horrible period cramps, and at one point it started to hurt almost all month long. literal constant pain. so, my doctor recommended birth control, just to regulate my hormones and to see if it would help the pain (It did!! I got lucky and I don't even get cramps during my period basically at all anymore) but oh boy my parents struggled. my mom, also having a vagina, was a little understanding and reluctantly gave me the OK. my dad immediately slut shamed me when I got home- why would I need birth control unless I was having sex? I must have been having sex. he refused to listen to reason, and eventually we stopped talking about it. thank god.

  15. Same experience here! However, since you’re a minor, and can’t go without parental consent, you should read the period repair manual! I tailored recommendations from it (especially turmeric, magnesium, zinc, and fish oil supplements) and cut dairy and I’m having the best periods of my life!! Pain is completely manageable with a bit of ibuprofen—I used to be knocked out in bed sobbing in pain so this was a game changer for me.

  16. Actually, that’s not always true about parental consent. In Washington, I believe you can go on your own consent starting at 13, and your parents aren’t even entitled to see your medical record or receive personal health info without your consent.

  17. For real?? That is amazing! When I tried as a teenager for this exact issue, I was turned away!! To be fair, I was in rural utah, and the doctor was VERY slut shamey. I think he had the same attitude as her parents. It was awful.

  18. This sucks. But honestly, Spiro is the only thing that ALWAYS fixes my cystic acne when it pops up. I’ve heard it’s hormona

  19. I mean given how straight men and lesbians have attractions towards the same people in the same way it makes sense that videos shot by/for the two groups would be similar

  20. I disagree. I think a good example is the majority of lesbian porn. So much of it is incredibly performative and the actors seem to be experiencing no actual real female pleasure. Whereas other types (often designed for women) are really focused on the womens pleasure and you feel like you get a much stronger vibe of their connection to the other actor(s).

  21. Wet food. Add warm water to wet food. Add water to dehydrated muggets. Tuna water. Cat treats made of liquids. Check for dehydration by pulling up skin to see if it bounces back— use google for instructions and further ideas.

  22. This!! I mix his wet food with water. I slowly add more and more water, so now it’s a full on soup haha.

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