1. But what about European values? Tolerance? Multiculturalism? No. I agree that if you moved to a foreign country, you should follow its laws, respect its citizens, but... But people are not deported from the United States simply because they do not know English ... or will they be deported?

  2. Don't try to argue here with anyone. People here are braindead, but it's funny to look at their point of view on the wrold.

  3. Context is all in title really. The Bashkirs are an ethnic group mostly living in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia. There is a slowly growing independence movement there, due to a combination of factors including repression of their culture & language; rampant corruption in Russia; and the disproportionate mobilisation of minority ethnic groups (notably including Bashkirs) to be used in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

  4. Yes, he's only responsible for about 100,000 political "executions" (I would say murders) which is small beer compared with Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot.

  5. White are done much worse crimes. How can you imagine revolution without "political executions" ?

  6. I respect thier decision. Thanks to them, we have nukes and haven't got humiliated yet.

  7. What is the funniest shit to me is that they call him straght up bloody murderer a lot, while he killed 2 pedos and injured domestic abuser. This is the kind of poeple that modern american left support, i suppose.

  8. I've never seen such a racist flag with such a racist country name it's actually impressive

  9. You can't even imagine how hard it was to find ancient slav/scandinavian gods symbols without swastikas and whole shit. I was really suprised, like wtf. So, this is best i could find.

  10. Why do they have slavic and Nordic symbols? There has scarcely been any slavs or Scandinavians in that area

  11. Hyperborea is mythological contry, that located "beyond Borea", even northen than coldest winds. People of Hyperborea was described in a way that fit of description of slavs and scandinavians, so, i decided to add both ancient slavs and ancient scandinavian symbols and mythology names in it.

  12. More radical islamist states are gonna make a lot of funny gamer moments.

  13. No, i actually cut in half Russian coat of arms, modified it and drew sword.

  14. What's wrong ? People writing shit like this all over this sub. Even here a lot of people calling this 'cleansing' burst. If you want to genocide all russian people, just say that.

  15. How can russians in Kaliningrad be 'pro-Western' if they got occupied against their will for 6 years ?

  16. That's a complicated question but the short answer is geography (proximity to Western markets), demography (high levels of diversity), and EU law (enabling political freedoms that didn't exist in the Russian Federation).

  17. About demography, current Kaliningrade Oblast population is 1 million, it will be around 1.2-1.3 in 2050. It means that 68% of population were moved during occupation, so that's a forced divercity. EU law is pretty questionable. Since when counries so small like Kaliningrad are feeling better than being part of bigger country ?

  18. I'm pretty sure, original commenter is hoi fan, who assosiate real world with his knowledge from this game. Who the fuck would even think of country succumb to warlords war other than TNO fanboy ?

  19. I feel like Russia is more likely to succumb to a civil war with warlords vying for power, and that's going to be a nightmare with nuclear weapons involved.

  20. What is the point of UN investigations if UN can't do a shit after investigation results ?

  21. Do you really think we need to propagand some shit around no life neckbeards that run Reddit ?

  22. АХАХХАХА, dude, man with a job and family will not have time on some "memes".

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