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  1. I've heard muspah is perfect for mid levels /s

  2. Oh is that where all my shards got to, I'm 200kc without one XD

  3. The issue is that there's many MCU fans who can't discern shit from fudge and have watched every or all movies and will continue to do so despite none of them being very good with maybe two exceptions that were okay. I think with it's large and heavily invested fan base they can continue to churn out "mediocre but fun" at best films well into the 2030s and perhaps beyond, if climate change hasn't collapsed society as we know it by then.

  4. God I love it when noobletsquid decides to give us a peek into his little reality. I hope he never stops posting.

  5. Yeah some of those were Russian (Russia recovered the first satellite that had been to orbit, not the US) and also all of that that was the US was NASA, which you STILL have failed to notice is NOT a branch of the US Military. They used the V2 engines we got from German (Nazi) scientists after WW2 with operation paperclip, which again, not the US Military! Well I guess operation paperclip is TECHNICALLY a military thing though it was more of an intelligence thing.

  6. We LITERALLY have drones in Syria right now, like now now, and we still use them in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also sell weapons to Israel for the subjugation of the Palestinian people in addition to all the weapons we sell NATO, which is largely ran by the US and has done some fairly awful shit.

  7. Fang for sure. You can even woox walk by clicking 1 tile further than the lance tile. From melee distance- click 3 tiles back. Yes by doing this you lose 1 tick but it’s lazy and easier. (There is some other method of woox walking 5 tick weapons like crossbow and fang without tick loss but yeah it’s more complicated )

  8. You can do an easy 5t woox walk with fang by using the Ctrl run toggle function to walk back 3 tiles and then run forward when attacking (3t back, 2t forward!). I do the lazy version that wastes a tick when I'm on mobile tho cuz it's too hard to mess with the run toggle like that XD.

  9. Melee zily is wild lmao, and I thought I was cracked for opting to melee Bandos instead of 6:0

  10. The wildy ones only drop blighted versions tho, unusable for the vast majority of content you want anglers for.

  11. OP have you tried not living in an apartheid state?

  12. Lmao you can see a doctor just as fast in an emergency in pretty much any country on earth what are you on about? You think America doesn't have months or years long waiting lists for check ups/various surgeries? Cuz we do. You think people are bleeding to death in the emergency rooms of Spain, waiting to be seen? Cuz they're not.

  13. I used the house in hosidous with the mahogany home contract person, to the east of market. I did it mostly on 2200 total worlds to avoid mahomes but it has a lot of places you can pin the npc and it's respawn is inside the building, by far the best spot if there's no one running in and leaving the door open every minute.

  14. It's a box, it can have anything! Even another box!

  15. Turns out Tbow and Shadow are just straight up BIS for their combat types whereas Scythe is niche and often worse than other melee weapons so the price isn't as good wow

  16. Is scythe BIS melee? It's certainly BIS for TOB and at a few other bosses, but it loses to fang at GWD or any high defence monster, and it loses to DHL at every basically dragon. Keris partisan even edges it out at KQ p1. The only really end game place it's BIS besides TOB is the nightmares.


  18. Yeah I'm reallll owned rn by the Wikipedia article for straw man

  19. I can't agree with the take on how to play the game and even before the skill was polled OSRS is far from what it was when it was just the backup. If we go by your own logic it's still the classic game right now uo until the new skill is added and you maxed it! If maxing doesn't feel like anything you might need to start like, taking walks or something.

  20. You sorta answered your own question there yeah?

  21. I think OP is trying to say there is some bug where initial aggressors are somehow able to initiate fights without getting skulled.

  22. It's not a bug, he attacked them first, logged out, logged back in and they can still attack him without getting skulled because the game sees that he swung first

  23. As an iron I'm stuck picking them up at legends or taverley it's awful DX

  24. I wasn't the only one in this thread to have thought that so it mustn't be as obvious as you think. I also don't know why you feel the need to be rude to everyone in the comment section when no one has done anything to you. You also dodged my main point once again and decided to just insult me instead

  25. Sorry I just thought people would maybe read the full post and think for 12s about the content of it and the times they ran back to the room they had been using and someone was in there, forcing them to hop or walk to another winch. How it'd be nice to just be able to tell which rooms have people in them without having to manually check each winch.

  26. It wasn't about me misunderstanding the post. It was in reference to how you said it was obvious what it meant even though 90% of the playerbase has never fought cerberus to know and the braziers dont even exist for main accounts

  27. Maybe 90% of players in game but 90% of players on a subreddit dedicated to the game? It's gotta be at least somewhere 30-40% I imagine.

  28. Making it fortified makes it the best mage def armour vs something like corp, thermy, kraken and so on. Straight upgrade from karils, so if you spooned masori on iron might aswell, chinning kree ain't so bad

  29. Yeah fortified masori is BIS for magic def and regular masori is worse than Karils on defence but that doesn't make it stronger offensively. Anywhere you want ranged dps and don't need to tank is a great use of unfortified.

  30. Obviously not, but you're saying "all it adds is blah blah" like it's not a big deal. Fortifying the masori pieces won't just be of use for ranged, it's great for melee a lot of places and I feel you're underselling it a lot

  31. Man was asking for the uses of unfortified. I didn't think mentioning the benefits of fortified at length would add anything of value.

  32. I agree that beaver should get a recolor but these are awful

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