1. This could be the issue. Some 3rd party pods aren’t great quality and can get crushed in the machine or not fit properly.

  2. I would try returning to Amazon, if it’s past Amazon’s return policy then contact Nespresso and they should send a replacement after walking you through some troubleshooting. If you have a vertuo next, I recommend asking for a vertuo plus as a replacement because the Nexts are notorious for having issues.

  3. I just don’t really know what’s wrong with her or how to help her at this point. Current strategy is that we’ve turned off the heater in her tank so she’ll be encouraged to come out of the water and have begun forcibly basking her by putting her in a bowl that sits under the lamp. She usually escapes but she is basking for a few minutes via that method.

  4. First thing you should do is immediately turn the heater back on, cold water can give her a respiratory infection and could be a big part of why she isn’t eating.

  5. I inherited this nespresso vertuo from my office today. It has never been used in the 4 years that we’ve been at that office space.

  6. Try some troubleshooting YouTube videos and if you’re still struggling call the nespresso customer service and they’ll walk you through some troubleshooting as well. Customer service will help you troubleshoot even if the machine is past warranty!

  7. I love my citiz. I got it secondhand from someone who had it for ten years and it’s still running great.

  8. Try unplugging it for 4+ hours or overnight and it should force a factory reset on it.

  9. You can try searching for it on grocery store websites to compare the cans, some stores don’t update new packaging photos / new nutritional info immediately.

  10. Cold fudge and ask for it to be half blended but be aware that would mean any candy in the blizzard wouldn’t be fully mixed in as well.

  11. Minimum two hours, i have chronic pain and baths are the only thing that helps so I basically live in the tub😂

  12. Try calling to see if they’ve already shipped a replacement, if they haven’t ask them to send you a VertuoPlus instead. They’re more reliable and customer service commonly will agree to send that instead of another next.

  13. I just got the shipping info. Will call them tomorrow if it’s still possible. Thanks for the info.

  14. Good luck!! Hopefully they discontinue the Next soon/replace it with something more reliable, it’s awful how often they break.

  15. No bueno, I’d ask her to stop and if she doesn’t then escalate it to your higher ups.

  16. You could open the pods up and scoop the grounds out of them and use them in a french press. Or purchase a reusable OL pod and put the grounds in that.

  17. I love my Original way more than my vertuo. I only use my vertuo if I’m wanting a bigger drink!

  18. That’s the Nintendo Portable Switch Pro, psp for short

  19. If a factory reset, unplugging overnight and testing different outlets all fail then it probably is an issue with the electrical board.

  20. Some of y’all are absolute assholes, this sub was literally created for questions like this.

  21. Omg what about it? Like seriously? Scratches? Was the van breached in any way?

  22. There was literally no reason to be rude. This sub was made specifically for questions like this.

  23. If it’s not sucking in any water even when brewing coffee then it’s most likely air locked. YouTube has lots of videos to troubleshoot this just click on any that look like the same machine as yours. If that doesn’t work then the best bet is to contact customer service and they will walk you through some troubleshooting steps!

  24. If it’s not taking in any water then it could be air locked! There should be videos on YouTube for how to fix an air lock for your specific machine.

  25. Hi! I’m not experienced enough to help on this but I wanted to pop in and let you know that posting on

  26. If all of the above fails contact customer service. They will still help you troubleshoot the machine even if it’s outside of warranty!

  27. The customer service line will be able to check for you or give you the stores number.

  28. You’re welcome, I hope you get lucky and find the pods!!

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