1. The First Class Funk from Glorious looks nothing like the FCF from Franklin Fields.

  2. Right. It also has a slightly different odor too than the Franklin Fields but I do like both

  3. I've had their pure Michigan and it was excellent as well a $75 oz of Bacio Gelato by Hammontree. Hammontree is way under rated everything I've tried so far has been very good.

  4. I was extremely impressed by their sherb cake. Moist and loud

  5. I can confirm Glacier is definitely worth checking out. I grabbed a half of blast Chiller a half of member Berry and a half of the sherb cake and was pleasantly surprised with the quality, freshness, and the lovely price of $15 an 1/8th. Also tried the White Gushers wasn't a big fan had a good terp profile but not stony at all.

  6. Correction on the Sherb Cake...It was actually I believe it was Local Grove rather than Glacier. Wasn't labeled correctly or clearly.

  7. Absolutely and all of the bud has been up to par so far. I'm looking forward to smoking about 5 joints to the face when my papers get here. My dumbass bought all that bud, drove 6 hours round-trip and didn't get papers. 😑

  8. Definitely do not regret getting it, I was smelling it through the bag on the drive home.

  9. I just picked up some today haven't had a chance to smoke it but when I smelled it I knew I made the right decision

  10. Not at all, the flavor isn’t my fav but the nose and the high are quality, and the bag appeal is 10/10

  11. Society C just keeps bring the heat. I've never bought anything bad from them thus far.

  12. Thanks so much!! Now Shredder can share all of his escapades with the world.

  13. Hey hey hey Mr. Shredder. Right now there are people posting videos of Nazis walking around because of a drag brunch at Land Grant but Mr. Shredder's video is MUCH better THANK YOU MR. SHREDDER.

  14. I know that's right. I'm very aware of the depths of evil at work in this world and refuse to give any energy to it. I also know there are many many very good souls out there living their lives the right way regardless of the the sad shape humanity is in.

  15. I saw a reply earlier asking how I got him to walk on the leash. Unfortunately I can't find the comment but I will explain. First off the day I found him I noticed right away that he was displaying a lot of unique characteristics that were not typical for a domestic cat. In fact he virtually mirrors all of the traits of either a Cerval or Savannah Cat. Also he's always had abnormally big ears and not to mention he's only between 9-10 months old and already weighs 15 lbs. So anyways when I picked up on his behavior (he acts more like a dog than a cat) it made me think of all the videos I've seen of people walking their Cervals on leashes and figured I'd give it a shot because I don't want to deprive him from the outdoors but it's not safe where I live due to coyotes living very close to where we live. The first thing I did was try to get him to wear it in the house for a little bit so he could get adjusted to it. Well as soon as I sat him on the floor with the collar on he slumped over on his side like he was paralyzed and rolled around trying to get if off for a minute. So after about 5 mins I took it off. The second time I tried it I put it on him and carried him outside and sat him down and he started walking around a little bit. More like crab walking but it didn't take him too long maybe 10 minutes and he was exploring everything and looking for the birdies and the rabbits. Now sometimes when I get home the leash that i put in the drawer is on the ground by the door.

  16. Haha! You have a cat-shaped dog! :-)

  17. I'll post a little video of him walking on the leash and chattering at the neighbors bloodhound. It's too funny

  18. After the ash tray starts filling up I’ll gut em all out and then roll a roach joint. I usually only use what’s left in the roach that didn’t burn so still green weed for the most part

  19. Yes this is the same procedure I follow but I mix in some fresh flower with the roaches and throw some kief on top...excellent

  20. Nah we're rehabbing a house and my cat insists on going everywhere with me

  21. It’s gotta be the 30% THC catnip! Indica or hybrid? 😸

  22. Thanks. I don't understand why when I post these albums I never hardly get any upvotes lol 😂 I don't care though I just do it because the first time I went to Michigan to the dispensery I went in blind, didn't know about

  23. I know that's right it's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from lol

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