1. Paladin is easier and cheaper to build has higher buff up time than bard but bard heals more

  2. thats not necessarily true on the buff part. just bard has to choose to heal or buff

  3. if this is your very first playthrough, i would do the story quests on a dps character until you get to vern, you will get two free powerpasses to use which you can use on a support later

  4. might be what he has on his class 3 accessory lmao

  5. we may or may not get the frog with them so might actually deflate it a little

  6. i dont think hes a great ganker but hes really strong in 1v1s tho

  7. That's the beauty of it. they do. :scream: :scream: :scream:

  8. Yeah, maybe, I've just always seen bramble vest as the item you get when your opponent rushes botrk, but I guess it depends on whether you're up against a proper AA + on-hit champ or just a fighter who rushed botrk then proceeds to build like a bruiser.

  9. that's cuz it used to be completely broken for like what 1200g? and wud just autowin you trades against any autoattacker. got nerfed to the point where it isn't the case anymore though

  10. It just looks big because of dramatic animation and I thought it was an uppercut punch lmao

  11. so if u aim center of the star u can do it without clipping any of the others?

  12. i aim in with the bulk near the side closest to the middle of all the stars just clipping them

  13. I don’t understand how people can do or play a raid on a zero investment character in a game that it all about character progression, i mean why even play at that point lol.

  14. at this point u just make a support to trade runs with

  15. oh bleed scales off ap from cursed doll? didnt know that, thought it was only base ap

  16. ikr i was so ready for those skins ;_;

  17. Drop rate increased? I have gave up after trying for 6 hours a few months back

  18. yes they made everything easier to get a while ago

  19. Depends entirely on what ilvl the express will boost you to. If it’s only to 1445, hell no. 1460, possibly if it’s a gold earner and you wanna do hard Vykas on it. Still only two taps which isn’t that bad with Brel books but if you need the extra mats and gold, might as well.

  20. i mean youll still get the rewards, so if OPs not plannijg to make another fresh alt might as well.

  21. well. most end game players are like 1530-40 rn so.. lol that's probably not a realistic goal right now.

  22. I think in the west people blur the lines between reclear/hw/exp and just treat all 3 similarly

  23. Our content is a year behind, did the skins really need to be as well

  24. Yeah, with how the skins have been getting released, we've usually just been a year behind with them.. don't know why they'd give us anni skin that's 2 years behind instead of just giving us 3rd anni skinline..

  25. wow, I really was expecting third anniversary skins instead since they're available to all of our current classes.. dissapoint :/

  26. its kinda funny they show someone getting hyped about being able to dye and put patterns on a skin and then they give us anniversary skins that arent dyeable

  27. selling skins is generally going to net you more gold for rc

  28. Yeah I figured and it's reasonable, but how am I supposed to progress alone? Am I supposed to do every raid solo? I didn't think this was even an option

  29. do your islands and you can zoom through t2

  30. Yes your right, but i dont know....i feel like after my shotgun bursts the rest is shit damage and the shotguns have 30sec cd.s on each skill..

  31. yes, thats the whole point of the class. u need good cd gems for them

  32. EO Soulfist is a rare swift class since if you manage well your hype 3 with Dominion Fang it deals a massive burst, no mana problems, toons of mobility, you are giving your party constantly dmg buff with your counter, defense buff and cleanse with Energy Release.

  33. warning to op: managing hype is kinda cancer. you would need to know the boss hp thresholds and how much your party bursts to hype 3 at an optimal time

  34. Thanks for helping out! I found the solution - just got tricked by UI. Thanks for trying to help =3

  35. ye i remember getting baited by it too

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