1. As close as we allways have been since the end of WW2.

  2. Nothing, as it stops every now and then.

  3. Crazy they are in a food crisis, but kim lookin like a stuffed teletubbie.

  4. Im Kapitalismus beuten Menschen andere Menschen aus, im Kommunismus ist es genau anders herum.

  5. Für 3 Tage nicht auf die Toilette müssen und dann 4h am Stück schon ein guter Preis

  6. Von welchem Unter wurde das geklaut?

  7. Why would anyone feel guilty about pleasure?

  8. You clearly have never wanked to fucked up shit.

  9. Here is my situation: I feel lonely, I meet someone, interact for a couple of weeks, feel overwhelmed and need my personal time, loose interest and do things on my own again for weeks, I feel lonely.... and just repeat this cycle endlessly.

  10. Wir wollten damals mit der Astronomieklasse den Venustransit Beobachten. Wir hatten sogar brillen und ein spezielles Teleskop mit dem man in die Sonne gucken kann. An dem Tag war es natürlich absolut grau und regnerisch -_-

  11. The worst anime I've ever seen has to be "School Days". It was a complete trainwreck of an anime. It started off with a pretty basic premise, but quickly devolved into a series of increasingly convoluted plot twists and contrived drama. It felt like the writers had no idea what they were doing and just kept throwing out random ideas in an attempt to make something interesting. The characters were one-dimensional and the ending was so anticlimactic that it left me feeling completely unsatisfied. All in all, it was a huge waste of time that I'll never get back.

  12. Well, the Anime is based on a Visual novel from 2005. I admit it was a cluster fuck but given the era and the source material I think it is one of the "better" garbage Anime. There are definitely worse Anime out there.

  13. I love meme/shitpost cosplays. I need to do one too for the next con.

  14. Yes. As far as I can remember, I allways got along better with girls than with guys friends wise.

  15. Bert and Ernie slept in separate beds with a nightstand and lamp between them.

  16. They both had fists up their Ass ffs.

  17. Aber es ist noch gar nicht freitag, oder verstehe ich etwas falsch?

  18. Ihc unt dain Mamer (Serviervorschlag)

  19. Look at mister high standards over here...

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