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  2. Ugh, this is so scummy 😣 It’s people like this that ruin it for everyone else!

  3. Am I the only one to say fuck Stony Brook Hospital* at the Smith-haven Mall*(where sears was)?

  4. Completely agree, it being attached to a mall is bizarre to me. Could have potentially gone to a new/big store, but I guess since malls are pretty much dying it makes more sense. Nonetheless, I don’t like it 🙄

  5. One reason is because there is public transit that goes to the mall so it’s more accessible to people without cars and as you’ve said, the mall is dying so there is room.

  6. My commute time doubled today and I never got above 30mph. I knew it was going to be bad on day 1 of the announcement, but holy god. When highways are backed up in both directions daily, this won't last long at all.

  7. This has turned my 1.5 hour commute into a 2.5+ hour commute, I'm incredibly salty about it.

  8. This has killed my commute; I drive back to Suffolk from Queens around 2pm, it has never been a clear drive (usually takes me about 1hour45mins) but this week it has been taking me well over 2 hours to get home and its going to be probably close to 3 hours on thursdays and fridays. I'm miserable.

  9. I'll definitely be sharing mine! I haven't bit the bullet yet on my cart.. but I'll be sure to post when it arrives :)

  10. You have unbelievable patience to manage such a huge community—especially on your own. Thank you for all that you do. <3

  11. I tried using the SAVENOW but it’s not working. ☹️ I’m a VIB- does that make a difference? Is there a different code?

  12. Hey there! In this post it lists the sale start dates for each tier of rewards members, VIB sale starts 4/18.

  13. Am I understanding correctly that all the cart review/haul posts that I’m seeing are going to be removed because 1.) it’s Friday and 2.) none of them have the products listed in writing? Not being snarky, I’m just trying to make sure I understand because I’d like to post my own haul but last time I did that it got removed for being an “off” day and not listing the products.

  14. Hi there, any cart reviews posted outside of the slotted days are removed (pictures of carts before items are purchased). Hauls will not be removed, hauls that are screenshots of orders don’t need a list if the product name is clearly listed in the picture!

  15. NEST Sunkissed Hibiscus, I looooooove this perfume. Its that perfect beachy coconut summer vibe!

  16. Will most likely be making this a daily megathread due to how many comments there are! So tomorrow, there will be a new thread posted and this one will be locked. This way people don't have to dig through 300+ comments. :)

  17. Reciprocity varies state by state. Make sure to check both states laws on this! Some examples: If you are transferring to a state that requires more course hours than your current state you are licensed in, they may not allow you to obtain an Esthetics license until you make up those hours at one of their schools. Even if there are equal hours, some states may not let you obtain a license until you have had your license for a certain amount of years (in which case they would ask you to take another practical exam to get a license).

  18. This is the price for the jumbo at 5.28 oz! The price of the regular is $38 for 1.52oz (just an FYI) 😁

  19. Yeah we know. The comments below are talking about it. We were just saying that it’s still a lot of money and why does someone need a jumbo size primer.

  20. Yes I know! Was just commenting this to pin it to avoid any confusion for people coming into the post :)

  21. When do new point samples come out? And why do all the higher point samples sell out almost always?!!

  22. New rewards usually drop Tuesdays and Thursday; and the higher point rewards are usually supplied in far less quantities than the lower point rewards causing them to sell out quicker.

  23. I am such a sucker for coconut fragrance, I'm going to have to add this to my collection!

  24. As an avid, passionately dedicated horror fanatic; I feel swindled. This was a horrid waste of time.

  25. If you want to use both, I would either alternate days or use the Glow Recipe in the morning & Paula's Choice at night!

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