1. getting lit up like that security guard in the comments

  2. Redditors are ignorant and will downvote anything. That doesn’t matter. Nobody know what happened before the video started.

  3. If you don't know what happened before the video started, then your slanted title is even worse. You know that right?

  4. I love how everyone is complaining about ticket prices, but it’s only ever for pop and rap concerts.

  5. Beyoncé is a capitalist though... All her money and the privilege she enjoys in life comes at the cost of exploitation of labor. Do you think she would be glad for unions or a communist takeover? Do you think she would support workers owning the means of production and having to pay and exist equally with the people who make her clothes, food, ect?

  6. A quick search shows that the average teacher pay in LA unified is 65k.

  7. They are in the same boat. It is hard to elevate just the front or just the back, if you try the entire thing will sink. The only way to stay afloat against the ocean that is life’s bills/expenses is to work together.

  8. Those struggling millionaires....

  9. Exactly - if you can't afford to pay employees properly, all you have is a bad business model propped up by exploitation of desperate people.

  10. Well, there are plenty of businesses with a model that *could* definitely afford to pay their employees well and still make money, but *choose* to exploit desperate people anyway, which is a similar, but also very different issue.

  11. Nothing will change unless we do what paris doing, BUT here in America the police are trigger happy no matter your age or gender identity.

  12. Yeah, honestly I don’t know anything and my comment was foolish. Thanks for the info!

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