1. Hey, I'm looking to book with Ideal of Med for my hair transplant in December. They're quoting around 2750 Euro for 4000 Grafts. I wanted to know in your honest opinion if it was worth it and how involved the surgeons etc were. Thanks!

  2. The price sounds about right, the surgeon safika is there for the consultation then the follicle extraction is done by technicians. And then the channels are opened by safika. And following that the technicians place the grafts, safika came in regularly to check on the technicians who were very good.

  3. Appreciate the information! Overall, if you don't mind me asking, how long has it been since you've done surgery and how are the results looking so far? Any suggestion, tips or advise would be really useful! Thanks!

  4. Just a couple of tips , take your own foam neck pillow, follow all the instructions they give you , continue prp treatment once you get home I’ve had a prp session every 5-6 weeks since the op and i think it’s helped massively. Depending on where you are from they have contacts for this ,I’m in the uk and each session works out 1/3 price of uk clinics

  5. Looks normal for that stage, it will start to get a lot better at about 3.5 months. I’m at 5 months next week and I’m really pleased how much it’s come on since about 3.5 months.

  6. I was at idealofmed in March and safika the surgeon was there for the consultation in the morning where she looked at my donor area and marked out the hairline etc, the technicians then do the donor area extraction part but safika regularly checked up on their progress. The incisions were then made by safika and then the follicles were placed by the technicians, in my experience safika the surgeon was very present all throughout the process.

  7. Get a life , try going outside and staying off your keyboard! Yes I’ve looked at your activity 😜 sad man.

  8. I started shedding from 21-40 days, now at 90 days and its coming back with a Vengeance

  9. Clippers are fine as long as you use a guard and not to short no 6

  10. 95% chance you will shed I lost about 50% starting from 21 days to 40days my hair is now coming back currently at 13 weeks

  11. I am at 3 months and redness is only just starting to fade.

  12. Yes that included all transfers from airport, hotel to clinic and back and 4 nights in 5 star hotel with breakfast!

  13. I’ve just had mine done 5 weeks ago and it’s similar to yours, 3000 sapphire fue to front and 2000 dhi to crown and mid area, 5000 grafts in total . It cost 2600 euros

  14. Yes I’ve just used it from day 20 to 35 post transplant, it’s brilliant stuff

  15. Looks great, I had mine done at IDEALOFMED 5 weeks ago, they are still in contact checking everything is ok which is good that they still care post op.

  16. I had mine done 4 weeks ago , 3000 sapphire fue to front and 2000 dhi to crown and mid area, one session it took about 8 hrs

  17. Ok thanks for letting g me know. wow 8 hours! I have to prep for that mentally as that’s a long time. Also do you mind me asking how much your procedure was and on what country? I’m in USA so just trying to gauge approximate.

  18. 3000 euros with hotel for 4 nights and transfers included. I had it done at IDEALOFMED Istanbul.

  19. The 3000 fue was about 6 hrs, looking at yours you wouldn’t need the dhi.

  20. Hi, if I may, could you share the approximate fee for transplantation in Turkey. Mine is similar to the original post. Thank you

  21. Thanks for Letting us know. Could you please also tell us from where did you get your hair transplant?

  22. How so? Please don’t tell me your asking about what insurance will cover the cost of your transplant lol 😂

  23. No I wasn’t and stop trying to be a smart arse, normal travel insurance is no good you need medical travel insurance, if you’ve had a medical procedure, now who look stupid😂😂😂😂

  24. I am on day 13 post op with idealofmed, I asked the same as you about 6 weeks ago and a guy from London contacted me and sent me photos and said they were good, I’m glad I listened to him they are 1st class mate, I really could not moan about a single thing , they sent me a hair restoration kit before I went out, answered any questions I had before I went to Istanbul and still are answering now I’m back home .

  25. Yes, went to Turkey for HT, worked with Ideal Of Med.

  26. I’ve been in contact with them and just wanted some independent feedback

  27. I only farm from Saturday am until Thursday am, that way you can still delegate yourself.

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