Germany 1 - [2] Japan - T. Asano 83'

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Enner Valencia goal disallowed against Qatar 4'

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  1. I went to Baruch College for 3 semesters and ended up transferring to Queens College to finish my degree in Economics.

  2. Thoughts on the Spain and Germany game?

  3. Going to a live NASCAR event is probably the biggest adrenaline rush of any sport, so L take.

  4. Do people in the US usually have the day off after Thanksgiving?

  5. It's different if your own team is the lions lol... This is the first game in years I was running back and forth from the kitchen to watch, my parents and siblings even got into it. Usually it's just background noise until Grandpa gets upset, yells at the TV a few times, shuts it off, tells the same story about JFK and the Ford curse, and asks what idiot turned it on in in the first place (he did).

  6. This sounds like a beautiful tradition LOL.

  7. This world cup feels a lot more competitive than previous world cups.

  8. I want to post this on dog of the day, but that threads not up yet.

  9. FIFA's fault for holding WC in Qatar IMO. Too hot

  10. Brasil should go 3-0-0 in this group.

  11. Portugal ML betters really stole that win.

  12. What's with Portuguese speaking countries and diving?



  15. He has elite physical assets he just doesn't have the skill to match it.

  16. I feel like its gonna end 0-0. Both teams feel evenly matched.

  17. There should be goals. It's not like defenses are playing out of their minds. It's just that attacking opportunities weren't converted (missed crosses and shots)

  18. Current Gen Tacoma interiors are pretty practical.

  19. I’m at work right now and can’t watch the game. I see Spain’s 85% possession time LOL.

  20. That game vs Belgium was amazing. 2-0 up and should have started closing the game but they wanted more. Sadly Belgium turned it around, it was so sad in the end.

  21. best game of 2018 wc along with portugal-spain

  22. My pick is very controversial so I won't even mention their name but it sounds similar to 'yay'. Let me describe their career though.

  23. However, he is a piece of shit so…? Also, he’s a C- rapper. At best.

  24. Didn’t notice, but neither did I look for. Did you have a screenshot of it?

  25. For today. Enner Valencia is the most popular player in the World.

  26. Calling 2-1 Qatar , with Qatar going up 2-0 in the 60th minute and Ecuador scoring one in the 81st

  27. It is actually even though I screamed corruption. Keeper comes forward, defender drops, keeper is effectively last man creating the offside line now. His boot is beyond the keeper, it's the same as normal except swap keeper with last defender

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