1. Say all you want but I'd love Auba. Scored goals wherever he has been and has been great under Tuchel. Doesn't solve all of our problems, but would be a great short term option.

  2. Could definitely see us signing him. Not sure what will happen with his deferred wages tho.

  3. Every club has that one guy who always turns up against them and only them.

  4. Damn. What a weird feeling, gonna miss Timo, but also glad he is gone. Great guy, not that great of a player.

  5. Saw some reports of Arsenal being interested in Sandro Tonali and Milan listening to offers for him. From what I know, he's a very highly rated regista who'll probably take Jorginho's place in the Italy side.

  6. Ronaldo or Auba, hard to see us bringing in anyone else at this point.

  7. When do you reckon the away kit will launch? I’m sure we’ll use it on Saturday away to Everton but it still hasn’t been “unveiled”. I’d be surprised if we use last season’s yellow kit.

  8. Who must his source be? He was so confident to deny the selling club's claim?

  9. Hold up did we sign Cucurella or not??

  10. 11/10 as long as it’s not Auba

  11. I wouldn't mind recouping our initial fee and using that towards another attacker who actually suits our system.

  12. If we can get the fee we paid for him back, then do it by all means. But I don't think we can.

  13. Me too. It's an investment, which will hopefully get his value increased and help us sell him next summer for a decent price.

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