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  1. Man i just discovered your series! Love them! [Virtu] ”Don’t short! There’s retail down there!” Lmao🤣

  2. Why? They were long all along. Might be lending to shorts (for interest) but still longs

  3. No one is buying millions of shares of GME to confuse retail. Hear me out....what if its super profitable to lend out shares.

  4. Resonates! Source; I too am somewhat of an embarrasing myself

  5. To be honest, I'm about to drop university, couldn't get in the program I was interested in. About to start a 40h/week job, not so pleased about that.

  6. Life is fun if you let it, as long as you are on your way to where you want to be. I have a device in life i realized as a 26 yr old, (am past 30 now and have my dream job, not a a very lucrative one but it is a job and as a job it is jobby.. but fun enough to keep!) It goes like this roughly translated:

  7. I will never forgive the corrupt elite for denying us investors to live our dream lives. Many here are down bad, economically or mentally and so on. Some have sick relatives. Some have dead ones. Some are in debt. Some have lost everything. It infuriates me to no end. And this isn't the first time. Fuck Wall Street. Fuck those slimey snakes in suits. Fuck the system. Fuck everyone who keeps it running. I hate you and will never forgive you. Where's my money?

  8. I’m still mad about my dad being a victim of 2008. He got his pension cut by a good chunk and we’re not even American (no hate on Americans, just second degree banker greed, shit got global.)

  9. No! Fuck anyone who brake checks for any reason. You’re only making things worse possibly causing an accident on purpose and provoking an already aggressive driver. Just ignore the prick and/or let them pass and get away from you when you can

  10. If someone feels you need to be brake checked, you should keep a bit more distance. We can argue all day about ’it’s not okay’ People will still be assholes and brake check, and people will still be assholes and rear end. But a bit more distance at high speeds solves that.

  11. Obviously. Both are stupid things to do on the road. My inarguable point is someone reacting to a stupid driver by also being a stupid driver is not a reasonable response. It’s childish pettiness that might get someone killed. No tailgater in the history of traffic has ever backed off because someone brake checked them. They just get even more aggressive. Someone has to be the responsible one. Two wrongs just double danger.

  12. As i said we can argue all day. Both being stupid yes. But in an eventual collision the tailgater is at fault. The brake checker has no other means to communicate. ”possible danger ahead” especially when there really is a stop ahead.

  13. I may be trippin’ but she legit has horns on her head!

  14. I don't get this. Why would they invest their money and work all year long to make money they don't see? They would simply stop investing.

  15. So we took bits of Ryan Cohen and put them in NFTs of Ryan Cohen so you can be Ryan Cohen while Ryan Cohen is Ryan Cohen.

  16. There won't be kids of the future because,

  17. When imitating a robot, one will have to obey Asimov’s laws of robotics:

  18. We circlejerkin’ so hard we turn pirpll!

  19. Another thing i love avout this Community is that you guys reference to obscure popcultural gems like Office space, Idiocracy, George Carlin, Discworld, even Glades of Glory (what is this, a razzia for ants?) It makes me feel warm and gooey inside. I feel: belong.

  20. Dude this is worse than celebrity paparazzi speculation. Icahn unwinded his positions ages ago for PROFIT. Dash with the foolishness and stop remembering MSM ghosts about ”Icahn is suqer duper short in GME”. Ok sorry im just mad bro

  21. Oh great i lost it all in FTX, i had a plan to move it all to gamestop wallet but no, im tardy like that.


  23. It doesn’t, but it’s distracting and makes a weak meme weaker IMO 🤷

  24. Waiit, title says some people don’t want to understand and sees mad money as truth even when presented with the dd.. ok ok.. OOK OOK o O OOKAKAKAKAKA AAAAAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

  25. Way too deep for my primate brain and not enough purple circles

  26. But if you take both red and blue pills, they become the purplpill. Red for shorts (in contrast to green) and blue for massive erection! Purpl: Hedgies R Fuk!!!

  27. I thought 255 Ruppees was the max I could hold in my bag along with my wooden sword...

  28. It’s 256 if you count the 0 in your hand! 👌✌️

  29. 🤣Autispectrumizzle catch their prospectizzle slippin

  30. Geez i was so lost reading this from left to right row by row..

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