1. I’m surprised by this. Who cares if they cut you off. Second, why didn’t he just surge forward when they came out with the bats? Just ram the car and them? Is this comment overly American?

  2. I know this is a programming sub but if you really don't have a foundation in computers maybe look at getting an A+ cert or study the material for the exam. It will cover a little but of everything with computers. It won't get you a programming job but programming maybe will be years out for you unfortunately it's pretty hard and takes a lot of time. Let's be generous and say you are really intelligent and hard working well it doesn't matter there are still a lot of concepts and ground to cover to the point someone would pay you to do it.

  3. Looking for this comment and upvoting it. Practically any course will assume you're familiar with files and folders, how to copy them, what a text file is, that a csv file is just a text file but with data formatted in a specific way, and so on. It's not complicated, and shouldn't be hard to learn, but you're going to be in for a rough ride if you don't cover those basics.

  4. It's meaningless marketing speak. They are cashing in on people's perception that better quality tea is served at restaurants than at home. Generally it's the exact same tea unless you are lucky enough to have a restaurant that knows what they are doing with regard to tea (a minority).

  5. Oh is that what they mean? I thought it was meant as a derogatory mark.

  6. I have two Lamy 2K's, one is medium, one is fine. I can't tell them apart. At first it upset me a little bit, how do I tell which is which, until I realized that if it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.

  7. To be fair, that's just a side hustle. His day job is designing blinkers for BMW.

  8. is this the same one as posted yesterday in

  9. We assume the demonstration was ziplining. What if the demonstration was "quit while you're ahead?"

  10. I drop them around 60. Not enough air to rip anything off, but enough to cleanly separate them without the fairings hanging around.

  11. Lots of people saying “why would he break up with her on a plane?” I’m guessing that he just could not take one more second of being with her. Plane or no plane, he had to pull the plug NOW.

  12. One of his friends who will not have to buy a single drink for the rest of his life: “trust me dude, break it to her right after boarding. You will no regret it.”

  13. Happens to the best of shops. You’ll always come across that sales rep who covers ignorance with arrogance, unless it’s the store owner don’t hold it against them.

  14. When younger, and more naive, I'd say "that's trolling, nobody can be that stupid"

  15. You probably need to be a bit more specific in your question, as it can be interpreted multiple ways:

  16. I’m not blaming them so much as “are they not looking?” This obviously the drivers fault, but I would think people have a little bit of awareness of what’s going on around them.

  17. They probably looked left & right for cars, and not for cars coming from the opposite street. I don't thini they weren't looking, just not looking at all directions where cars could reasonably come from. They might even have seen the car and dismissed it as, at that point, it wasn't moving or at least moving very slowly.

  18. No, you make damn sure you aren't getting hit by cars, then proceed. The car being harder to explain doesn't dismiss the fact that you need to be wary every time

  19. How do you get hit by a car that isn't moving?

  20. Well you could have sto... oh wait.

  21. I see the issue, he didn't embed that method in a separate BookChecker class, right?

  22. What is the big appalling thing here? It seems just like 2 companies disagreed over a contract and decided to end their relationship over it. It’s hard to tell who’s in the wrong without seeing the actual emails or seeing if TWSBI gives a statement

  23. What is appalling is a large manufacturer strong-arming a small vendor and enforcing higher prices for consumers. TWSBI doesn’t seem to like free market competition and has made some questionable threats to other vendors in the past. I’m not a lawyer but I find it hard to imagine that the FTC is ok with manufacturers interfering with the pricing decisions of independent businesses. “They’re free to set lower prices, we just won’t deliver to them anymore” is in such a case maybe legally ok but clearly not in line with the spirit of the regulation.

  24. Three years! Sounds like he's ready to upgrade to a MB Meisterstück

  25. I mean it's just about how well you can hit the tip of the chin and you'll KO anyone... You can see their head go bobble head wobble because the chin took the impact. This is a dumb "sport"? But I appreciate the literal Facepalm

  26. You are getting too close to the truth we must protect; OP will be banned.

  27. The undetectable planet is Kerbin. The true Kerbin, in all it's flat glory and at the center of the universe, not that imposter ball thing that spins around the sun. That one is there to make sheeple think the planet we live on is a sphere, even though that flies against all logic and common sense. But that's what "they" want you to believe!

  28. this isn’t actually my code. This is one of the top answers for a question in The question stumped me and ai struggled to understand how this code answered it.

  29. Hackerrank rewards the shortest answer, which isn’t always good code. The exercises are great but the practice to cram everything in one line using one letter variables, in order to get the “best” answer isn’t.

  30. KSP didn't become beloved because it had amazing graphics, because it didn't. We love the game for what it has to offer.

  31. Actually you kinda did by saying “are there any”

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