1. Lol my priest said at my last confession that I need to find a wife

  2. I once made the mistake of trying to philosophize with a priest during confession. He said, "Maybe you're too much for one woman. Perhaps you should join the priesthood."

  3. Meanwhile, the same priest probably tells the guys they should enter a seminary and forgo marriage.

  4. Overly self-analyzing. Scrupulous. Incessantly worrying. Basically, the way a normal young person in America in 2023 thinks.

  5. Revival has its place in architecture, but can quickly devolve into kitsch or, worse, blandness. I think American Catholics are particularly conditioned to view Gothic revival with particular favor due to it's ubiquity as a style when so many of the Catholic churches in our country were being built.

  6. I'm not sure if you're a guy or a girl. If you're a guy, and you're looking for a culturally-conservative-but-not-believing girl, then give up. They're so rare as to be nonexistent. If you're a girl, on the other hand, your inbox is about to be flooded.

  7. Cannot confirm , inbox not flooded

  8. I don't know about that. Almost all the Catholics here who would affirm masturbation as sinful continue to masturbate. Same goes for us gluttons.

  9. I don't think these things are comparable. Masturbation is a cheap imitation of the sexual act (and can be considered sinful apart from actual sex), and gluttony is consuming something good to excess. Nobody is saying that food itself is bad, or that eating is bad—it becomes bad when it's done in a way that interferes with other genuine goods. Saying that sex per se is bad is like saying that eating is bad.

  10. I think ppl have the wrong end of the stick on this. Liberal ppl go so hard for “gender confirmation surgery” out of kindness and compassion for extremely distressed individuals. That is not evil or wrong, but this compassion is misguided and this kindness is ultimately not helpful. But the urge to support distressed ppl is not bad. They have just been misled by experts who are supposed to know what they are doing.

  11. Somewhere along the line, activist types on the left realized that tears are far more effective weapons than bullets.

  12. Weird, I guess I've just never understand why anyone would sit in the back unless they have a young baby

  13. Because if you sit at the front, the whole congregation is staring at the back of your head.

  14. Do you. have any supporting links for any of this? Because seriously, if you go to daily Mass at nearly any parish in the world, it's 80% women. I'm not so much doubting you as very curious where you're getting this.

  15. I'd like to see hard data, too. Maybe things aren't as terrible as I think . . . which would be better for all of us.

  16. Well, there wouldn't be those meat industry practices if there wasn't demand for it.

  17. People want to eat, and they want to eat cheaply. Why wouldn't there be a demand for it?

  18. Another L for the Canadian government, they've really been churning out the hits lately.

  19. You’re not wrong but let’s be clear about something. There are real reasons people aren’t having kids to begin with and it’s government induced as well.

  20. This is pure propaganda, and like most propaganda it bases itself on some truth, some equivocation, and some outright falsehoods.

  21. It's hilarious that so many on the left believe—earnestly, honestly believe—that Clarence Thomas (of all people!) is hellbent on . . . banning interracial marriage.

  22. Agreed. Granted most people are just stupid. I never bothered to know who Thomas' wife was until a few years ago. Sometimes people just assume things.

  23. You're probably right. In nine cases out of ten, the thinking likely goes, "Clarence Thomas is conservative. Conservatives are racist. Therefore, Clarence Thomas is racist."

  24. Eight billion gods, each writing a new social contract ex nihilo. What could possibly go wrong?

  25. Given the ideological composition of the court, I expect a decent ruling.

  26. I am sure you mean this statement in the nicest possible way, but it exemplifies why people are leaving religion in the west.

  27. My statement did not say anything about everyone being racist or the police being out to get non white people.

  28. Businesses will continue to use a college degree as a way of screening applicants. As such, demand will always be there. As the costs raise, the higher paying jobs gatekeeped by a degree will only be available to the wealthier Americans or to the ones lucky enough to get needs based scholarships.

  29. It reads like an op-ed in the local newspaper. I mean that as an insult.

  30. But on the other hand, if you abandon the faith, what will you win? The world is still gonna be awful, and you are gonna be guilty and full of shortcomings no matter what ethical system you subject yourself to. I understand if you are not optimistic about the future, but there's no logical reason to decide there's no hope and reject all opportunities before they even happen. If you want to take a break from dating or actively looking for friends to focus on yourself, fine, but you can do that and at the same time be open to the idea that if someone good were to come your way you would be ready to appreciate the gift.

  31. Not having friends is actually a huge red flag when I consider asking someone out. If you struggle to relate to the same sex, you should work on that first

  32. In 2022, there are two kinds of friendlessness: friendlessness caused by social inhibition, shyness, or awkwardness (what you're describing as a red flag); and friendlessness caused by the general lack of social opportunities offered by our pathetic and dying culture. You might even call the second kind "systemic friendlessness" (to borrow some woke jargon).

  33. They disengage around college and then when they have kids and want to put them in CCD they're expected to attend mass.

  34. Right and like were they married IN the church? I always assume they met at like some Catholic college lol we need a sub for Catholic singles

  35. A major issue is people left of center these days can't seem to agree that you can be right of center and not a "MAGA Trumpet Q Anon cultist covidiot."

  36. I've always wanted someone on the left to call me a Decepticon.

  37. For a NYT piece, it's not that bad. I was expecting worse.

  38. Actually, not recognizing differences perpetuates racism. Kids need to be taught difference is beautiful, not something to be scared of. It’s that fear that keeps racism alive.

  39. Difference isn't beautiful. Difference per se is morally neutral.

  40. What? God made differences aren’t beautiful? You need to get out in nature. I feel sorry for you if that is really your perspective. I’ll pray for you.

  41. Some differences are, and some aren't. I mean, I could go on a tangent about Edmund Burke's

  42. Syllogisms, schmyllogisms. Support for abortion isn't based on reason; it's based on intuition. People on the pro-abortion side really, really want an escape hatch from pregnancy and parenthood, and they'll find a way to justify it, syllogisms be darned. You can argue 'til you're blue in the face, and if you're lucky, the best you'll get is, "Hmm, you make interesting arguments. . . . My body, my choice!"

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