1. How many of you have let it slip to a friend how much you enjoy TCAP?

  2. I have and I regret it. My wife and a few friends think it’s weird as shit. I don’t mention it to anyone anymore. Especially not my co workers.

  3. Their hits also include: “Tough Drive”, “Whataa you Thinking??”, “take your clothes off and get in my hot tub”.

  4. the idea of anyone liking him makes me cranky.

  5. I would but I’m very professional and I don’t do dis stuff!

  6. Why is this happening? Can someone explain? Why are private videos being taken down?

  7. If you can’t upload your own videos after the show that shit is ridiculous.

  8. Those with the most victims: Kaye, Harding, Bodnar. Maybe even Michael Gentile. JPW likely had committed a lot of crimes. They likely molested dozens of kids each. Sure, guys like Lurch, Spikes or Steven Buchanan are scary but in a different way.

  9. Because your old daddy/boyfriend adopted another teen to molest.

  10. Jerry was fucking SCREAMING in pain and crying like such a bitch.

  11. Whenever I walk into someone’s house for the first time that’s what I say. I’m not always naked though.

  12. Need to see it. I’ve just been watching Mr BB CreamPie over and over on YouTube

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