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  1. I was in Switzerland, horny as fuck, and went into a glacier. Left my spunk on the blue walls. I'm sure it was a crime. I fucking hate Switzerland

  2. You don’t want to be here. Go literally anywhere else.

  3. LSD truly freed my mind from a pretty conservative upbringing. It helped me lose religion too, which was monumental.

  4. Having an erection when you meet your SO's parents for the first time.

  5. Better than the SO’s dad having the erection meeting you.

  6. Is it weird that I would find that kinda' flattering?

  7. My body won’t let me get more than 4hrs. Sometimes (rarely) I can fall back asleep in an hour or so.

  8. Shartina would spend her whole life struggling to do two things at once.

  9. The air travel industry is a mess right now, people are still stranded after Southwest effectively imploded over the holidays, and he was basically absent during the rail worker strike negotiations, forcing Biden to step in. People currently cannot reliably travel by air, the nation's shipping is still on the brink of figurative collapse, and we still have bridges that are literally collapsing.

  10. Putting aside the fact that DOT had nothing to do with the Southwest debacle..

  11. The US Secretary of Transportation is responsible for regulating and managing transportation in the US. Apologizing for a crappy politician because he's gay is sad.

  12. Well, 1. I don’t think he’s a crappy politician so I’m not his apologist. 2. What research have you done into the actual work the DOT is doing on a daily basis that backs up your opinions. 3. No one is apologising for him because he’s gay either. That’s cynical and ridiculous.

  13. The hell out of there before I find a severed head or something. 😱

  14. Hot. When does Guardians of the Galaxy III come out?

  15. I learned a lot that was really wrong. But I genuinely learned how to properly eat ass watching porn. And it paid off.

  16. Your implying that in real life that gays are less picky than???

  17. I'm reading this thread right now and from my conclusions...yall need JESUS. Or to submit to Allah, cause wtf....💀💀💀

  18. I fucked a dude named Jesus once. Does that count?

  19. Damn, how do you even find something like that?

  20. U have no life do you ? Why are you so pressed ? Maybe you should go and volunteer at a mission since ur feeling so philanthropic. I have nothing for you but disrespect so stop sucking my dick so hard unless you really want to suck it bcuz it’s getting weird now. Say you have nothing going on in life without saying it bcuz again why r u still servicing my DICK

  21. Dude. Give up. You’ve lost the intelligence battle here.

  22. Ah okay, it’s a child brain. Thank you, that explains it.

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