Zelenskyy calls for 'strong reaction' from the UN after Russian bombs left millions of Ukrainians without heat and water in below-freezing temperatures: 'We expect the reaction of friends — not just observers'

You got me stone faced

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Estonian PM Kaja Kallas - “The EU has $300 billion in frozen Russian assets, it's time to decide how to use them in the benefit of Ukraine” - “the need to form a tribunal to prosecute war crimes” - “Russian actions, are the definition of terrorism” - she said at the EU summit

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cant believe they did this smh

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. "Blueberry Vintage" from Butterfly Effect. It's primary top terpene is Ocimene, followed by Myrcene and Limonene.

  2. Like Trump said in 2019, the world and our NATO allies won't pull their weight or pay their dues, an lo and behold again its specifically Germany.. just like they wouldn't meet the defense 2% spending budget in 2019 which only 8 of the 29 "allies" do.

  3. Why should they meet the 2% target in 2019 when it was agreed to reach that number in 2024 which Germany is on track to do?

  4. Get rid of this statue of a brilliant scientist who made genuine contributions to the world but leave up the monuments to Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera all over the country. Sounds chill

  5. Some people should just be left alone.

  6. An hour before this post there was a post with the headline "Ukraine rejects Putins Christmas truce."

  7. We managed to have Christmas truces with Germans during WWI and a small truce on Christmas Eve at the battle of the bulge in WWII

  8. Or you could be an adult admit you were wrong and have no clue what you're talking about

  9. If you are a parent, you need to have this conversation. Right before my children started adolescence/puberty I told them in nice neutral third person tone that if I ever had a child who was gay that it wouldn't change anything and I would love them just the same.

  10. This article specifically says increased risk of suicide due to sexual abuse

  11. Disney gotta pay to create hype somehow, streaming numbers are low

  12. I would next like to see a study on "Mo' money, Mo' problems" as hypothesized by the Notorious B.I.G.

  13. The US should seize Musk's wealth and give it to Ukrainians!! Same for Starlink! Can't believe a pro russian troll has just took over twitter, disable communications for Ukrainians soldiers and no ones does anything???

  14. You know there are other satellite providers like my company that didn’t do it for the PR. We also don’t hold them hostage now that they’ve got a “taste” and are dependent on it. We aren’t even good people or anything. He’s just on another level of asshole. There are more companies then his supporting them with the same shit. We just didn’t make the news. Also our shits better so you don’t blow it up on drones like starlink antennas. They also weren’t the first to provide hardware and network. The whole thing steams my broccoli tbh. I think he needs to be careful before his halo slips and chokes him.

  15. I mean a drone can't suicide. It's effectively a guided missile but "suicide drones" sound more barbaric

  16. Considering that the wire folding stock alone is like $150 if you find one, this is really not a bad deal at all relative to today's AK prices

  17. That’s what I was thinking especially compared to UF prices. My thing is even if I buy it for the stock doesn’t the trunion on a regular wasr need switched for it to fit?

  18. I am fairly certain that stock will fit any fixed stock trunnion AKM, so it should fit your regular WASR's rear trunnion the same

  19. Saw expected late 2022 on TNTE for their A2 uppers. Maybe they're optimistic, or hopefully they know something to have that expectation

  20. For what it's worth I saw Travis Haley running an AEMS on one of his AK setups on his Instagram account

  21. Manufactured by Arsenal in Bulgaria for Global Ordinance I believe

  22. Lol right this dude is 30 pages into Lolita like "How do I convince my wife I am not a pedophile?"

  23. Sure as hell a better investment than 90 Billion to Ukraine

  24. Spending 90 billion just to cede western Ukraine to Russia like they wanted anyway sounds like money well spent!

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