This fox fell asleep on a skylight

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  1. My hubby is a former crime scene investigator he said it probably isn’t for DNA they usually swab for that, but he has never seen this particular machine before.

  2. It looks very old to be fair. The machine, not your hubby lol

  3. It’s an over-land bungalow with a window in the floor you can see humans through.

  4. I wonder how the people with no inner voice or even images tell themselves off when they do something stupid. If I run up the stairs with a cup of coffee and spill some because I'm rushing unnecessarily, for example, I'll say to myself in my thoughts "You twat! Slow down for fuck's sakes!"

  5. It's not like these people have no thoughts, they're just not exact words. Words have meaning applied to them; words are not meaning in and of themselves.

  6. This! This is exactly me! It’s like you’ve read my mind 🤣

  7. Yeah, that's the howl-bark baying that beagles are known for!

  8. Our big guy is part beagle part mountain Fiest, and he tries so hard to howl, but he can never get enough momentum, and it fizzles out prematurely 🤣❤️

  9. The heck is everyone with mice and rats? Seems feral hamsters are to blame here. Beady eyed little teddy bear hamsters.

  10. Beady eyes hamsters, I love it 🤣 We used to have hammys, I totally get this

  11. Mice or rats. I worked at Walgreens years ago in an area where lots of fields were being cleared for things to be built. As a result, we had tons of mice. When we’d open the store in the morning the Hershey bars—only the plain Hershey bars—would be knocked in the floor and chewed up.

  12. Sorry but that’s too funny. The damn Hershey bars 🤣

  13. 9 if you count the one on the computer

  14. Wow. This house has got to be so full of ❤️

  15. Honestly, K’s fathers recent interview & reaction didn’t sit all that well with me. I understand that he is angry, frustrated, and grieving, but why is he directing it towards the people who are trying to help solve this case? Seems odd is all.

  16. Technically 4 of them. X, M, D, and B were all in Pi Phi. K was in Alpha Phi. X and M are upperclassmen in Pi Phi and it seems that D and B are the same year. However, B mentioned in her letter at the Celebration that M was her big.

  17. This is off topic, but what are some reasons why someone would choose one sorority over another? I am very ignorant regarding Greek life. I know next to nothing about it, other than there are fraternities & sororities. There is hazing involved with new initiates, and they are usually party people 😝

  18. The "targeted" mantra is on life support. It's understandable that folks want to cling to the idea that the cops running this investigation are master strategists who know exactly who did this and are just tying up a few loose ends before they swoop in with an absolutely bulletproof case that OJ's Dream Team couldn't find a hole in.

  19. You really think a younger guy would commit a quadruple murder for his first kill? Idk… it’s not impossible. Just incredibly risky.

  20. I feel like specifically targeted would be like, I stalking and watching Sally and I am going to kill Sally. Not “specifically” targeted, but not random, would be “I’m going to murder a blonde college girl “ and Sally is the next one I see, so I murder her. It wasn’t random- I targeted a blonde college girl. But it wasn’t specifically Sally.

  21. Or…. I got jealous in a fit of rage and killed my ex. Not targeted, but not random either

  22. Yes this is what I thought! So the house is not directly across the street like OP has claimed. It’s pretty close but it’s definitely not the building across the street from the girls house. But for some reason the girls house in the picture looks a lot closer than it actually is.

  23. Both the house and Sigma Chi sit on a hill, giving the illusion of them being closer than they are when looking out the window like in the photo above.

  24. Because these search trends allude to a much larger entity at play here.

  25. Good point. Do these Google search results include Google maps? Since it was a party house that was relatively difficult to find, maybe the address was googled/Google mapped a lot for this reason. Lots of people trying to find out where the party at.

  26. Such a good question. Was wondering that myself.

  27. I thought all along it’s very likely that Kaylee and Maddie were chatting after they ate and lying on the same bed, where one or both of them may have fallen asleep

  28. Wasn’t Kaylee’s stuff packed up? I would think Kaylee was sleeping in Maddie’s room for the night. She only went back to show Maddie her new car. I’m wondering if this was why the blitz style attack? The target was Kaylee, and since she was already partially Moved out, killer only had a limited number of opportunities to strike? Just thinking out loud here. Also, the girls ordered only one plate of pasta. The Carbonara. I’m thinking they shared. So very likely they slept in the same bedroom on night of attacks.

  29. I have heard a few rumors that some of the girls had only fans accounts. Could this be the reason for the searches?

  30. What is so surprising to me is the fact that the FBI was involved pretty quickly. I unfortunately somewhat expect local Delphi PD to not be prepared to handle this type of crime and mess it up. But the fact the FBI didn't put the pieces together is mind boggling.

  31. No they messed up the investigation even further. The fbi I mean.

  32. There have been whispers about this case, for a long time. It was never supposed to go this far. RL was supposed to be their patsy. He pulled an alibi out of left field on them though, and those in charge have been scrambling to find another patsy that fit the narrative ever since.

  33. I keep saying this, but it really feels like some people don’t have the capacity to NOT view this as like a murder mystery party. Like every piece of information available to them (Venmo, insta likes, family/neighbor interviews, etc) has to be a clue. And anything that is not put directly in front of their face just doesn’t exist.

  34. It’s weird that what’s horrified you is the online detectives in this case. You’d think what’s most “horrifying” is what the killer did. Maybe it’s just me?

  35. That can get complicated too though. Imagine if you live in a crowded apartment complex? Where are you going to burn or bury anything without drawing attention? Your theory is that it’s too risky to transport bloody clothing, but the killer would need to transport it if they lived in an apartment complex, or in a house with multiple roommates. This is a college town, afterall.

  36. If he could throw a baseball to their door from his house, I doubt he needs directions.

  37. No, cops take photos with their work issued smartphones all the time. Usually for stuff you don't want to bother the evidence recovery team for though. Shoplifting case they might snap a picture of the stolen jtems.

  38. The officers did this in the watts case. It’s normal. Those phones are work-issued. They take photos of things they think may be of use later, or if they need to disturb a potential crime scene, they’ll snap a photo first.

  39. I don’t get why people are so irrationally hung up on the fact the surviving roommates haven’t spoken to the other families. They are grieving and traumatized… Seriously read some fucking Camus and learn that grief is not standardized and you can’t draw any rational conclusions from someone’s post tragedy behavior (within reason).

  40. Right? For all we know, they’ve been hospitalized for observation. I’m sure it was a very traumatic thing to experience what they experienced. They are in no state to be getting interrogated by the other victim’s families.

  41. yeah but they didn't even show up to the funeral. At some point you have to think they are PRIME suspects.

  42. Or they need to be protected. We don’t know if all 6 were targets, or just the 4. Their lives could be in danger, so not surprised they are keeping them on the down low.

  43. Someone who lives in a remote farmhouse miles & miles away from other human beings?

  44. Sounds like the Stan Romanek video from ages ago. Cool drawing, sounds creepy as fuck. I hate looking out of windows at night just in case something's looking back.

  45. I heard a game warden/conservation officer. But that’s odd to me. It raises more questions. Why not tell LE? Why tell a game warden? Unless he knew this warden personally and was a close friend? Or, and this is a stretch, but it must be mentioned, maybe RA didn’t trust LE, or was afraid of LE….local LE I mean. We don’t know what really happened in those woods. Maybe RA was witness to something, and he’s too afraid to talk, for fear of retaliation.

  46. Agreed, he (or she) will be huge. But I love how gentle. "I brought you my favorite toy, can I see yours?" I would bet money that those kittens will be well protected, and run roughshod all over the dog, and he will love every minute.

  47. Ikr? That puppy is massive…… watch them say he’s only 4 months old 👀🤣

  48. Dogs sometimes surprise you. My

  49. Do people feel the embalmers were all faking that calamari type clot they kept finding? I have no idea I’m just asking. Are we really seeing these clots in tons of dead people right now? That’s all I care about because it doesn’t look normal

  50. Idk but they looked like embalmed parts of a deceased’s circulatory system, imo.

  51. i believe a lot of vials were released with saline so that people could say "my uncle got it and he was totally fine"

  52. Well that would certainly explain why they burned like a bitch 🤣

  53. I was reading that as no burgers period. I’d get rid of cake and cookies, personally. A good Coke and a burger is incomparable for me.

  54. Same. I’ll eat frosting instead if I’m really craving cake LOL.

  55. You can replace soda with water, you can also replace any other option here with a thousand healthier alternatives.

  56. Try telling a soda/pop lover to replace with water. It’s impossible. We drink pop because we generally can’t tolerate water. In my experience. I do drink diet caffeine free coke though, to be fair. I cannot get water down unless I’m dehydrated and then I crave it. Otherwise, it’s torture to try and drink water throughout the day. It’s disgusting to me.

  57. I dunno but you should read Dolores Cannon books. I was just reading The Convoluted Universe and supposedly we all shifted dimensions at some point before 2006. We all were put in suspended animation and it felt like we just fell asleep, but everything was different after, like you know when you feel like you’ve slept for a week but it’s only been 24 hours (supposedly). Maybe it’s happened more than once!

  58. It’s so crazy that you mention 2006, because I had an event, for lack of a better word, that really freaked me out. I was a junior in high school at the time, going into my senior year. It was summer, maybe June or July 2006. I took a nap before work, and I woke up in a panic because i thought I had slept for a full 24 hrs, slept right past/through my shift at work (thought I missed work), and just slept right on through to the next day. I felt like i lost a whole day. It wasn’t until I looked at the calendar on my phone and realized it was still the same day, and I had slept only about an hour and a half. Something just felt so off. It was very unnerving. So unsettling that It still is a very vivid memory almost 20 years later.

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