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  1. I am so glad my life was permanently ruined by franchises that weren't Twilight what the fuck does any of this mean

  2. Sonic X is the downfall of Amy in my book. People defend that version for teaching people to be “honest with your feelings” but it falls flat.

  3. Mfw when being honest with your feelings is beating the shit out of the guy you like with a massive hammer

  4. There's no Crush 40 in this, how am I supposed to enjoy such an ambitious and passionate story without my Crush 40?!

  5. Charmy Bee is the only dude in the games who wears clothes that cover his torso iirc

  6. fact: there’s a scene from Sonic Heroes or SA2 where a cutscene with a low camera panty shots Amy…… which she’s either 12 or 16. Either way, who animated that scene and why

  7. Purposeful Amy panty shots only stopped in games after Sonic 06, and it's a mystery why because by 2006 it was made clear that a.) SEGA was going to mostly market to the west with Sonic and b.) Amy was a 12 year old hedgehog

  8. Imagine sports twitter tweeting like stan twitter omg

  9. Not exactly the same thing but sports RPF fanfictions do this (I do not want to talk about how many times I've heard people say Sydney Crosby put his whole bussy into a game while looking for angst fanfics)

  10. Okay but we all agree that if this is a satire of pro-shipper/anti-shipper discourse/dead dove do not eat-type content this is like... Not a good analogy, right??

  11. Ah, yes, the number one indicator that someone is female, the Female Necklace(TM)

  12. Danganronpa writers making sure to put several fan service scenes of their CSA survivor character into their game and then

  13. /uj I totally agree that Amy was portrayed well in the two Adventure games.

  14. Yeah, no, especially in the Dark/4kids era Amy was all over the place in terms of characterization quality, and it really pales in comparison to what Adventure portrayed.

  15. Didn't say it was? That was another subject within the sentence, not piggybacking off of me talking about the Meta Era, but sure

  16. Spongebob's sundae from that one episode of Spongebob

  17. She may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with angst oneshots and slowburns

  18. Okbc’s comment section is just as bad lmao. More recycled jokes than almost any other community I’ve been in. I’m just here for the posts

  19. This is the moment Prestigious_Ad3489 became Heisenberg

  20. In one of the Sonic Twitter Takeovers Shadow comments he eats raw coffee beans as part of his breakfast routine or something

  21. Why is this on young people YouTube that’s just sonic talking to a fan

  22. Then one guy comes in and calls them both stupid and by the end of the argument he somehow has made the best points

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