1. One of these days the rumor engine will actually showcase an actual engine.

  2. Humans would sacrifice 10000 humans to kill 1000 eldar

  3. The main reason for taking them is the ability to go silly big with squad size.

  4. Yeah certainly. The downside is that costs 270pts (340 including the drop pod) for which you could instead have a squad of 5 and a squad of 3 Aggressors (320pts), outputting 6D6 more flamer shots, with a better defensive profile, and a way better melee profile, at the cost of the manoeuvrability the drop pod offers.

  5. Oh no I’m not saying it’s a good idea, just that it’s a funny idea.

  6. If you have the points always heavy.

  7. Excuse me sir, that is a high school teacher

  8. I see your ork…. But I’m gunna raise you a salamander.

  9. I’d throw another option into the ring. 4 gravcannons. Super cheap, great range, and they do work against MSU.

  10. Tabletop time is building up to McFarlane sized killteam battle report. They have already built two killteams

  11. I’m stoked to watch it too, a few peeps have commented the same thing.

  12. The board would be massive and probably need to be a floor game. The sheer amount of toys needed would also be a limit, but seeing this would be cool.

  13. Blood splatters, runoff, toxic waste, snow (yellow, red, or white), grass patches, tiny barrels.

  14. My opinion on the matter comes to army comp.

  15. What size game is this for? I see I will need more eradicators but this will be 500-750 points so I am hoping to make best use of the 3 man squad now before building going forward

  16. Ahhh at that point level I’d take the heavy erad and go 3 man squad.

  17. As someone who was directly affected by cheating in a tournament recently (lost out on a potential tourney win). You did the right thing in my opinion. Call them out when you can and if you can deny them the ability to continue doing so.

  18. I voted Blade vets because they are cheaper for a squad of 5 and do their job very well. Those extra points can go to a lot of good things.

  19. I was just about to chip in my 2 cents, but basically everything you said. Lol.

  20. First off, welcome our new brother!

  21. Well thank you for the welcome and for the suggestions.

  22. Honestly it depends on your list build as a whole.

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