1. Oh thats a question, then yes i did. Im saying eqyptions were not stupid. And we have tons of evidence to back how and why they did it. They have the same intelligence we do now, it was only 3000 years ago. They had basic measuring tools, making things symmetrical wasnt physically impossible for them,

  2. All of the ancient aliens theories seem to surround those that are more brown than a paper bag. But not the Greeks or the Romans. Smacks of, "Those people were smart, but not those people!"

  3. Well, that's it. That ruined it for me. My guy is going on talk shows and shit. Clearly milking it as much as possible.

  4. Surely there would be some physiological differences and would show in an MRI, DNA test, or similar. We'd have probably seen it by now

  5. Once something gets complex enough, it gets smart enough to be conscious. Only reason we're the smartest animals on this planet is because:

  6. One time I was driving, thinking about the nature of beings in other dimensions. Like, "I wonder if our thoughts can just be spread out and read like a scroll. You'd never be able to hide anything"

  7. Many of these things, religions/societal structures/even capitalism itself, are indistinguishable from biological organisms in every way besides literally being covered in skin. And running with that idea, capitalism is a malignant carnivore.

  8. I was also a very strong atheist, but not anymore. I feel lucky to have gotten through to the other side without going literally crazy, and I'm sure not everyone does. If I knew just a little more math, I suspect the scale would have overwhelmed me.

  9. I think some are already conscious, but we're just denying it to kick the can of ethical questions down the road.

  10. That was a thought I had, that I might have gotten the attention of the wrong entities, which is why I was continuing to call on light and live in the hopes of pushing back those potential darker entities

  11. When you shoot a flare into the sky, you don't get to choose who sees it. One of the many reasons CE5 should not be done lightly or without preparation.

  12. I think this might be the case. That everything scales up and down. Our body is about the size of a galaxy to an atom. There are a lot more atoms in our bodies than stars in a regular galaxy though.

  13. I think this might be the case. That everything scales up and down. Our body is about the size of a galaxy to an atom. There are a lot more atoms in our bodies than stars in a regular galaxy though.

  14. I've been saying our language is too limited, especially dealing with text

  15. That's part of the reason why we make art: to express what would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible with words. It's a higher form of human communication.

  16. Sent you a message, but now considering simply posting it here

  17. I have had 2 turtles. Fenced in yard no clue how they got in.

  18. Appreciate the time to read, the biggest take away from all of this is that the dosage was really small, no one has had this intense communication with such a small dose which confirms the fact: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears “

  19. Yes, I noted the dosage was small relative to the experience. Terence McKenna labelled a 5g+ dose the "heroic" dose, and the subsequent effects/experience is what I seek; it looks like you achieved it with your modest dose. I'm actually picking up 10 tabs of LSD from eldest daughter when I visit her in the city this week. I was planning on "seasoning" my body on gradually increasing doses of acid for a few weeks before I graduate to a 5g dose of shrooms, so as to ensure I'm prepared for what comes. I'm greatly looking forward to the experiences. I live in a bus, on the banks of a creek overlooking a flood plain framed by mountains. I think the setting is perfect for such activities.

  20. Just an FYI, LSD isn't good in quick succession because your tolerance virtually doubles every day. I know microdosing is all the rage but honestly a good trip every so often has to be just as beneficial

  21. Different mushrooms have different potency levels. There's one I call "shaman magic" that will allow me to puncture the veil at 1G, and 5G would probably eat my entire brain.

  22. I am immediately suspicious of the motivations of anyone who makes broad generalizations about complex creatures. As you point out, humans have many shades of gray and it stands to reason that an organism a level of complexity higher would be the same. And I don't mean that I am suspicious they are part of a grand conspiracy, but many simply be doing it for money. The people that teach paid courses in CE5, for example.

  23. I think the point the video is making is that we don’t know the motivations of NHI and assuming they’re compassionate is anthropomorphizing. Aliens are… alien. They WONT think like us because they experience existence in completely different ways. We should trust what we DO know, which is that millions of humans report being abducted and traumatized by NHI, including children. If humans abducted your two year-old and ran a bunch of medical tests on them in a van, you’d go from zero to Liam Neeson in less than a heartbeat. We all would. So why should we give NHI a pass for doing the same thing?

  24. Agree entirely. I am on "team human" here. It has also made me far more conscious about what we do to smart animals; I no longer consume pork or cephalopods.

  25. I have been doing a LOT of self development and introspection.

  26. This is a bullshit cop out answer.

  27. I see your point. Let’s forget the broader cultural discourse around the painting then. Do you think the artist, Dali himself, could expound for 1000 pages on the meaning of “The Persistence of Memory” painting? I’m not here to convince anyone of anything btw!

  28. I'm OK with the topic change, because I love talking about art 😁

  29. I like to use something we've all been with since the moment we were born: breath. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga has increased my ability to concentrate and control my focus tremendously. There are some 'standard' meditations, and I have some variations of my own that seem to work well.

  30. This seemed like a pretty comprehensive debunking, unless it was somehow invalidated in a way I am not aware of.

  31. You're being down voted simply for not being an immediate believer. This is a religion for too many.

  32. No worries. To me downvoting and running away is just being too chickenshit to engage in honest, civil discourse and searching for truth. I don't mind it at all when something I had thought was fact is shown to have been disproven and/or expanded upon.

  33. I run with the mantra of "don't believe anything too much", because that's where dogmatism starts. It removes the ability to give yourself enough grace to be wrong.

  34. It's not healthy to believe yourself to be "more" or "greater" than other people; that's a quick path to vile narcism and other unhelpful, anti-social attitudes.

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