AITA for asking our daughter to spend less time with her boyfriend?

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AITA for not helping a child when they fell over?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. NTA. At that age, the children need to supervise what they eat. You can give them info about what it is and maybe a gentle reminder “your mom told me you don’t eat meat,” but that’s it. Of course you don’t need to have no meat available.

  2. INFO - do you want your boyfriend’s roommate to be on your side or to dislike you? Which do you think serves you better in the long run? Maybe framing it in terms of your own self interest will help here.

  3. NTA. Her sobriety is hers. If she uses you as a crutch, do you never get to drink? If you drink around her and she relapsed, is it your fault? She is going to need to get used to being the only sober one.

  4. No of course not but they’d be welcome to come look.

  5. It’s not about whether you actually go to court over it. A court ordered arrangement is for this exact situation. It provides a source of objective truth of who “has to take the kid” on a given day.

  6. NTA because the plans are changing last minute. Why should you all have to change and not your BIL?

  7. YTA for misleading title. The issue isn’t that you served sheet cake which is common and fine. Or that you served two types of cake. It’s that you served two types of cake and chose who got which type. That’s bizarre.

  8. I think it was just bad writing. There was no reason he and Edith couldn’t have ended up together. But with Mary married to Matthew and Sybil dead, if Edith was also happily married off, what would the show be about?

  9. I’m so confused… if OP’s price was so outrageously low, why didn’t mister Mailbox Troll just buy the auction and relist at the “correct” price?

  10. YTA. The way to see your daughter more is to make it more enjoyable for HER.

  11. How does one laugh not out loud? Since you were smiling and obviously amused, Then YTA. If you just acted like you didn’t notice, Then NTA.

  12. i dont agree, asking if every “steve” or “john” is your ex just because their name is the same seems obsessive.

  13. Is it excessive if you only double check if you’re going to their wedding?

  14. it is when your assuming that this random “James Johnson” is the exact same one you dated, if you can assume for a random wedding, then what else would you assume for?

  15. Right running into someone is fine. But going to a wedding of someone with the same name as your ex is infrequent enough that it’s reasonable to double check imo.

  16. I'm not sure about that. I think that there's a small but growing contingent of people out there that think that the ride is offensive due to cultural appropriation and/or stereotypes. I'm not here to say whether they're right or wrong, but just knowing the way that Disney has responded to demands for greater inclusivity and sensitivity, I wouldn't be surprised to see the ride significantly overhauled in the next 10 to 20 years, even knowing the backlash that it would generate.

  17. I agree. There is no way that ride would get built today.

  18. Have they ever said the price difference between filming in a set vs on location? I’d be curious to know which is cheaper

  19. I had the same thought! Probably the logistics of moving all the trailers, security, equipment etc raises the cost a lot.

  20. NAH. You all need to make a decision together about what is the higher priority: earning more money by her working more hours, or taking her time to volunteer at school.

  21. I saw your edits and I think people are being overly harsh. What you describe doesn’t sound fair or reasonable.

  22. Esp because she stepped back from FT work to manage their household. All the comments saying he should just pick up more chores seem to be totally missing that point. What if he was the one posting that he wants to work PT but split the chores 50/50 with his wife? Who would support that?

  23. Nope. Its called parenting. You have to say no and the parents are to blame for this not the teacher. She had good intentions and did everything right to try and make sure everyone was on board with it.

  24. But why should the teacher put the parents in a position to have to say no to something like this? What if the teacher offered to give the kid a full size candy bar at lunch every day ONLY IF THE PARENT SAYS YES? Would that be ok and if the parent doesn’t want it to happen they just need to parent harder?

  25. So no experience should ever be offered to kids because a parent might have to be the bad guy?

  26. Not no experience ever. It’s a judgment call. But “I will give you a pet unless your parent says no” is clearly over the line IMO.

  27. YTA. Football is only 17 weeks per year and genuinely enjoyable and meaningful for millions of people. Give him some time to enjoy what he likes too.

  28. Always skip to the 5 min mark automatically, between ads and “housekeeping” aka internal ads.

  29. ESH but slightly YTA. I agree that it’s annoying when someone is making a family meal for anyone to throw in special or additional requests - eat what you’re served! But given the wife had already annoyingly asked for special eggs, the right choice would have been to just do it, maybe with a small passive aggressive comment like, “wow, I guess scrambled eggs, waffles and bacon weren’t enough!” As opposed to the outright aggressive move of refusing.

  30. Honestly, even commenting someone should “cover up” because of the weather is an AH move. Don’t criticize other people’s behavior which is none of your business. YTA.

  31. ESH. Literally call him what he prefers. 8 years old is for sure old enough for him to 1. Have a preference and 2. Express it. If he truly doesn’t care, call him either. My kid is Julianne or Julie depending on what comes out of our mouth in that moment. That’s how nicknames work.

  32. Ummm. It’s not even your wedding anniversary? Just some other anniversary? YTA either way. Celebrate on another day.

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