1. Ty!! I dont have gifts at the time but I will get some later !!!

  2. YEOOO that explains a lot, diary of a wimpy kid played him too😭

  3. Already sent you one but mine is 3284 3398 4399 😊

  4. HAPPY BDAY!! Have a lone lobos mini marathon session since their off this week 👍

  5. Chocolate milk at the bar is a funny one. But honestly they are all good. Just listen to all of them

  6. Leafeon for sure 😂 I’m kidding, probably Vaporeon or Umbreon

  7. She may be trying to make you jealous, see if you are showing any jealousy when she talks about them. Or, she may not be interested in you. :(

  8. Delete this shit bro. You shouldn’t post this on HIS Reddit group. Have some sanity for fucks sake

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