Just an oil painting I did last summer. Hope you find it interesting enough! Took me 150+ hours to finish.

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  1. The effect is flawless, did you use black stained glass as the layer?

  2. Well fuck would you be able to help me identify what was used?

  3. I recommend grabbing a friend and playing a custom match with 99 stocks.

  4. Margit NG+ at least 10-15 deaths. Only to beat Godrick 1st try afterwards…I have yet to master his timings.

  5. This is really good! Do you have other songs or a Spotify by any chance?

  6. Wish I had moneys to publish on Spotify, I only publish on YT for now. Maybe one day I will! For now I have posted my first album + a demo. Now I'm working on a new album.

  7. Crazy pinch, like your eyes locked and coordinated it!

  8. Actually. I do the same, but i mainly stick to spear if i want to play well. But, being hardstuck platinum is hard. I used to be the same and for this, honestly the only tip i have is to just play ranked until you get adapated to your opponents. You should also try to learn movement and punishing. At that ELO people still make lots of mistakes so you can easily capitalise on them. But in my case, it did take me a very long time to pass through platinum. But the buggest boost i had by far was learning how to play on controller, after i learnt controller i immediatly got through platinum. Maybe a change in your playstyle or gameplay that seems so normal to you may be the reason why you are stuck.

  9. My movement is quite bad, not sure what to look for though in terms of improvement.

  10. As your secondary i reccommend using what you are most comfortablr with. If you like playing orion, go ahead and play him. All spear legends have very good sigs. And there are guides on how to improve movement. But, compared to a string or a weapon, movememt is harder because you basically play using muscle memory. So it's hard to forget and relearbeverything you did. But with time you should be able to learn it.

  11. Thanks, I’ll take these tips into account!

  12. CynicalRoute has been running rampant in a bunch of servers. As well as other accounts called ‘Ella’. Best thing to do is spam the interaction menu and go passive to leave.

  13. Do you get killed for team killing now? Or was it just this one situation?

  14. Ubi hasn't implemented it yet but they are going to sometime in Y4. Your first team kill happens like normal and then any team damage you deal after that is ricocheted back to you.

  15. That would be a great addition. Would like to see if or when the update for it releases. Thanks

  16. This is adorable! What breed is this dog?

  17. Hey, 24 hrs now. What’s the update my dude? Hope it went well

  18. It did not happen yet, we had not have had our schedules align. Will post an update once we play with proof lol

  19. Thats unfortunate :p. Will be waiting! Good luck!

  20. They are just standing there, menacingly!

  21. Known to be easier starting from the bottom and attaching it to the top. Pro strat #1

  22. Have any tips for speedrunning? I have only made it to S4 playing with overly passive ships: Yig, AB8, Lyova etc.

  23. Hey nice job! How much time do you think it took you to create this? Thinking I might replicate it myself ;p

  24. Well if you have all the things about a month.. Like aurora nanoleafs took me 2weeks, desk was custom made waited for 2.5 weeks for that as well.. Cable management and all of the arduino wiring took 2 days, monitor arm was custom made in about 4 days, emm well that's mostly it.. xd Soo about 3-4weeks yeah.. Here you can see how I made the nanoleafs

  25. Damn...that is a lot of work. But definitely worth it. That is dedication! I will check out your links and such. Thanks!

  26. Actually if you are using Yigothu aggressively it means you are more likely a better player. Its Reflex AoE damage is great for Ravens. But that only applies in its Shield specialty.

  27. Oh damn. I mainly take advantage of CF in order to quickly disarm harmful turrets like MIRV turrets and such. However the problem with me is that I panic way too much.

  28. Hey, dud you make the House isometric view too? Your work looks great! Are you going to create more rooms on Coastline?

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