1. Why bother getting the pieces when you are already max cp ?

  2. I'm not sure about it so it's better to wait some more seasoned player, but when you migrate some things like events/rewards progress resets. When you start fresh, you have a recharge event going, it might be the case that you can max that recharge event before jumping, and once jumped you can do it again.

  3. I made a Billion on one of my accounts in 100 games, it's possible....but you have to play smart 🤓

  4. They’re useful sometimes, but I can’t stand them. Too much housing space for their worth.

  5. I always hate how he’s like “WELP, IM DONE” like this mf grinded all that shit 🤣

  6. Good point about the Banks filling quickly due to low costs.

  7. Oh yeah, when you get that bank back, that’s damn near enough to finish whatever th you’re on at 10 and lower really. This one will probably be halfway through 9 at months end

  8. Just did it with a recent th8 I’m raising, season bank mostly filled with 20 days left with semi regular attacking. Definitely possible and with upgrade costs so low that bank will almost get you through a TH 🤣

  9. Bro is out here wasting hundreds of gems to donate without a pass 💀💀💀

  10. I think it’s sweet. I’m basic, I made my name out of rocks and bushes 🤣

  11. I don’t care, fuck them kids. Everytime I go to Walmart it reminds me of why I don’t have any.

  12. Nah I doubt it. If you just 2 shot barb camp with your alt setting it up I think you could hit 40k easily.

  13. definitely doable on clans that haven’t progressed as well, but ours is top 5 in the US. I want to see you 2 shot a decently laid out lvl.5 barb camp. We don’t get “free” bases anymore. Barb camp, dragon cliffs and capital is usually 3 no matter the Strat.

  14. Top 100 global, barb camp isn't hard to 2shot with graveyard.

  15. Knowing exactly what I’m talking about you’re still acting like what I said is wrong.

  16. Yes, because to be honest the little bit of added protection simply makes me feel better. The phone number addition was a good thing.

  17. And the ability to potentially change emails whenever is nice too. Every few months change it

  18. I’m far from the most skilled but I am part of a top 50 clan capital, so I’d say I have a fair amount of experience but I’m not infallible lol.

  19. As one of the top 5 clans in the US raid weekend wise, I agree with your list. Most of these kids have no idea what Ch10’s are capable of after the graveyard spell was released, even after nerf.

  20. The amount of people that said anything but super drags and super minions is mind blowing 💀

  21. Me being a th12 can 2 star th15 with queen walk, super Archer, invis strategy. I've done this many times during clan league war.

  22. Works everytime 🤗🤗 or mass bloon clone for the TH compartment

  23. It’s true that this should be easy, but I’d rather they ask for help. At least in my clan, that’s what the leaders are there for, to help people learn and build them up.

  24. If they’re asking how to win against a rushed TH at 13+ 2 TH’s lower than them they can gtfo 🤣

  25. Any th9 could 3 star this base, I don’t think it really matters what you do.

  26. “The clockwork set was one of the worst” - fixed it for you bro

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