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  1. Get fucked. This is what you get for shilling polish schmucks like Radeghost and Shitowski. Imagine getting paid by them for making shill videos, then learning about them being complete dogs and THEN giving them your entire repo just to get fucked in the ass by them like they always do to everyone. Their modus operandi is still the same for the past 10 years - 1) get a trust of someone with a product that can be sold, 2) fuck over the person, 3) sellout that stolen product, 4) change names/wait for wowservers retards with attention span of 3.4 seconds to forget, 5) repeat.

  2. U realize this shit screams "dogshit russian cashgrab from 1990" more than anything else, right? Whats next? A trailer made in PowerPoint?

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFbiGqEJt5Q

  4. Its funny and sad all at the same time lol. All just to get to level 80 one day earlier than everyone else, for an expansion thats going to be out for 700+ days...

  5. Surely it wont last only 1 year with everything being rushed out exactly like they did with TBC Copesen.

  6. Big Battle Bear, Swift Zhevra, Palomino Bridle

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