1. So, is this a “technically we aren’t developing ‘Infinite’s’ story. We’re developing the next story. There won’t be dlc to Infinite.” situation to save narrative face? So that 10 year plan is all shit for Infinite in terms of story?

  2. So I know Rosenda was a cut Spartan 3 from Noble team in Reach and Thom dies during the Deliver Hope trailer. But was Rosenda ever Noble 4 in the lore? I mean, was Emile replacing her for some reason? Did she die, pulled from the team, or was she just lost in the cutting room floor? I remember a note about Holland or someone worried about having Emile on the team because how he was against Innies. I know Rosenda from some dev notes, just don’t know if she’s solid canon until now or they’re just dropping what she would have looked like.

  3. Is this based on the Halo 4 model? The undersuit looks like it matches.

  4. lol they advertise the knife chest. Which isn’t free.

  5. Icing on the cake for Infinite is that

  6. I noticed this too. I thought it was just forge maps not mapped for bots properly. But no, they need to be connected online to work.

  7. I was disappointed Rion Forge’s story got sidelined for Spark’s.

  8. He appears twice in Assault on the Control Room as well as Halo. I'm sure there are other missions where it happens, but those are the two I experienced it in back on the original xbox.

  9. I mean, of course he’s in Halo. That’s the game. 😝😝

  10. Sound of Silence cover done by Disturbed.

  11. “Kal Kestus! You messed with the wrong with lord!”

  12. I mean, Redfall didn’t look that interesting to me anyway.

  13. Missing the coup de grace: WE ARE NOT THE SAME

  14. I know! I came back to this a little later and that was the first thing I thought of. :(

  15. Unfortunately I don’t think you’re their target audience. I think they look at other games with massive multiplayer popularity and that’s the vision they wanted for Halo. I think that’s where they see the biggest engagement and biggest bang for their buck. I don’t think they were ever focused on campaign at all.

  16. It’s honestly a damn shame. They should use Tatanka to be their central multiplayer component. Then instead of relying on books all the time to tell a story, release stand-alone campaign experiences like ODST. That can complement Tatanka with events and bonuses for getting the campaign.

  17. define 343 and then explain how firing a heterogeneous ever changing group of people makes sense

  18. Yes, this is true. But the stigma is there for 343. Even for those who don’t follow halo’s development religiously, if they hear that there’s another Halo all they might put together is that “well, it’s probably another bad game.” Not hearing the details of the internal shakeup besides the “Microsoft lays off 10,000 employees.”

  19. Yes. Because Halo 3 added body physics to the dead body getting t-bagged.

  20. Since mine is always destroy, Shepard lives. I wouldn't know how Garrus/Tali would react to the loss. They would be at Shepard's bedside when they wakeup.

  21. No, I do not want 10 years of lore thrown out the window, contrived with time travel, or wasted. Because what would stop them from doing this again with a hard reset? It would ruin any investment with the narrative.

  22. So canon Thom is now the left, orange, one?

  23. My last glimmer of hope is that they put all of multiplayer going forward on Tatanka; BR, Firefight, PvP, custom games, and forge.

  24. A delayed game is nearly always a better one.

  25. It's hilarious at how nobody thought it was incel-y for him to shout it from the rooftops. When in real life, it drives women away faster when men say shit like this.

  26. I mean, the man’s going thru withdrawals from alcohol and he broke up with his last girlfriend. So this was a desperate man’s plea!

  27. Not making enough connections that stuck. I only ever hung around the same few people and I don’t talk to these people anymore because we had a falling out.

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