1. Has been since day 1. Duration changes as you lvl it

  2. Interesting that this battle isn’t your log:

  3. If you’re not willing to spend money on the game (aka the pass), recommend you play other modes to keep your chests always full and in the process of opening something, focus your resources on a specific deck that has an archetype that you enjoy, leverage your clan for focused trades/requests and play clan wars for the rewards (even if you struggle to win battles initially).

  4. Great advice from Kal as always but other than that the only problem I find with that is half the party modes are not level 11 standard and you don't get anything if you lose (unlike cw) so there might be a few days U can barely win games to get chests and if one has completed cw and the current challenge there is nothing to do and only clanwars in one week which would suck but I guess clash royale isn't the only source of entertainment

  5. This is true but you can play 2v2 and you’ll have a better chance at pulling victories (assuming you don’t get matched up with a moron, but that’s a whole other topic 😉).

  6. I blacked out my name, my friends name is rather questionable.

  7. Can y'all stop with these posts? You literally asked for this function to prevent being shredded by overleveled noobs, and now you're complaining about it?

  8. He is saying that once you start the challenge, you must get 8 wins before being able to start a grand/Classic challenge

  9. ‘Night’ is different for ppl across the globe

  10. I don’t like X because I lost to X, therefore rework X.

  11. I am not saying war is the same as a video game, but cheating ruins the fun of the game. And you could say the same to the cheaters for unfairly winning.

  12. They exploited an unintended game mechanic to win unfairly. They did.

  13. I press okay and it just says that again

  14. New Apple ID, new account. Can also reach out to support via the website on options.

  15. Yeah I’m aware of the levels I was just wondering if I’m supposed to be being out against levels like this. Also what is the main Meta I don’t know what it is

  16. Ladder MM is based on trophies and KT lvl below 6k, only trophies above. Cards & their lvls are not factored.

  17. You can actually get cards from other arenas from offers?

  18. CR is a freemium that will entice you to spend money in order to progress quicker. If you don’t want to spend money you’ll have to wait it out (which is currently better than it ever has been)

  19. You just need to relax and gain experience. Take a break from ladder and play other modes for a bit.

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