1. One of the few Kansasians(?) I have met, and you are already based

  2. Im the same. We have 3 dogs and two of them she’d like crazy. My husband is allergic to dogs (he’s fine as long as he doesn’t get hair in his eyes or nose) and will wheeze and need his inhaler if he try’s to lay down on the couch where the dogs were laying. He’s a human and it’s not fair for him to not have a safe place to sit down and relax after work, so the dogs have their own beds on the floor. The dogs are happy, and my husband is able to breathe. One of our dogs even has her own recliner that she allowed on, but no human sits there. I love my dogs and they aren’t suffering from not being allowed on our couches and beds.

  3. My dog lays in poop sometimes and eats it, and my cat rips fabric with his claws. They get their own furniture, and I don't think they care at all being restricted from the couch or beds. They both like their beds, they're big, comfy, and have plenty of blankets.

  4. I don't think Americans have mandatory paid time off so probably none of them have time to do that

  5. I find Texas to be special. They’re like the Americans of America. They think the rest of America knows all about Texas. If a Texan is in California and are asked where they are from they don’t even say Texas, they will say Dallas or Houston or whatever city/town they are from.

  6. Stereotypes the rest of the world has about the US are the Stereotypes Americans have for Texas

  7. For people wondering what’s the issue: they referred to the US as “the country”, as if they were on an American sub, while Map Porn is used by people all over the world. Imagine someone, idk, from Albania, had posted something inherent to their country without even specifying its name: I guarantee you 95% of people wouldn’t have recognised it, and would be very irritated by the wording that implies it is the quintessential country. So, why is it any different with the US? And careful if your answer is somewhere along the lines of “because it’s bigger”, “because more people live there”, “because it’s more important”, “because everyone knows it”, because all these don’t negate the US defaultism. They are, in fact, the same arguments used by Americans who disregard the rest of the world as unimportant.

  8. Ok but then why are the names different? No one calls New York just “York” or whatever.

  9. They both committed horrific mass rape and genocide true, but only the Nazis tried to exterminate everyone who wasn't Germanic and killed people with disabilities and committed the Holocaust.

  10. Fanfic alternate universe I've been wanting to do where humans are as evil as the Federation thought

  11. what mental illness is it that causes people to use Random Capital Letters?

  12. I may be forgetting it, but what's the country in the picture with the fridge? I recognize Botswana, Namibia, Bangladesh, S. Korea and Japan, but not that one.

  13. Just call them the literal English translation for what we call them in German: US Amerikaner, so US Americans. Basically like saying Americans from the US, works perfectly.

  14. How even... They are the United Mexican States, American isn't in the name.

  15. 5 minutes later in the movie who tf is cutting onions in here!*

  16. Swimmers are scary. I'm convinced breathing is optional for some of them. They have the resting heart rate of vampires.

  17. That last point is bullshit, forcing a child to give birth is an act of cruelty that should never be allowed to be committed

  18. No really, as a Socialist you should know that the Soviets killed many Christians and just religious people. Stop this.

  19. Sounds like a pipe dream. What’s next, the Crusade didn’t kill Christians? They did. Constantinople.

  20. As a minority, I hate humor like that. I'm sick of people associating Germans w Nazis, Japanese w Pearl Harbor/atom bombs/war crimes, Jews w the camps - we need to let people show us they're people and judge the ones who are antiquated. This perpetual stereotyping and nationalism is ridiculous and stops our progress.

  21. But the Japanese are a horrible example as so large an amount of the population is proud of the war crimes or deny them. Also, "As a minority" stfu. If your opinion can't be good enough to state without that then Dont state it at all

  22. A bit tired rn, but I promise I’ll do it soon, hopefully in the morning, but am busy, so maybe just sometime over the next few days.

  23. I’m sad that the Balkan one got shut down. They pulled no punches and it was fucking hilarious.

  24. Why are YOU ok with wasting your potential as a human sitting in a box all day doing nothing but frivolous time wasting? Those two guys had the right idea. Live your life.

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