1. Because an emp in that range does 150 damage and it likely forces tsm to push out to try and kill before crypto gets out of the drone. Shooting people trying to push open ground is always easier.

  2. I'd take the 50 damage and have the head glitches. They couldn't push up fast enough that they could get the drone out and EMP and time the push with 2.

  3. I don't get your point ascend lost with barely any damage 150 damage would have been better than what they accomplished by miles. It would have likely made at least 1 tsm player heal or distracted them on shooting the drone. Tsm likely would have also had less confidence to peak. The probability of a better outcome was way better if they attempted the drone even if it doesn't win them the fight. Even if the drone was shot down it still would have distracted enough to let someone else move without getting beamed.

  4. I just don't think they win playing openly for a low probability play.

  5. For real, the whole thing was for BBBY to NOT go bankrupt, this is such a huge fucking win I cant sleep. As long as BBBY is alive, the shorts have to cover PERIOD. Who cares if BBBY dilutes the shares by 100million shares (for example). They have shorted WAY more than that, they would still have to buy x4 that.

  6. We actually don't know how much. 4x CTB doesn't mean 4x the share was sold short.

  7. that's why on LAN tourneys, which is supposed to be the most even ground, they all use the same pcs with the same hardware lol. No doubt there's more disparity when they're at home and on different PCs with different internet connections it's less fair...that's why getting them on the same ground in LANs is important. People want to see competitors differentiate themselves through raw skill/ability, when other external factors are no longer relevant. That's the point of competition.

  8. Absolute limit testing is the idea that the input which has the highest skill expression is the best input. I don't necessarily agree with that.

  9. Hmmm I think for professional competition/sport, most would prefer to see the competitors showcasing their absolute peak ability/skill at the highest level. People like seeing prodigious feats, so we enjoy watching athletes with abilities far, far beyond what we could ever do ourselves.

  10. Unfortunately apex is dead on PC in Australia. If I wanted to play, it has to be on high ping.

  11. It's funny how whenever I listen to hal speak he is so fucking guarded. He spends the whole video factually discussing what verhulst does prior to matches, but he doesn't actively express any feelings in regards to that. I guess we can infer with Hal's passion that he admires verhulsts dedication. But the man never actively praises it. 🤣

  12. How do you satirise narcissists? They'll just deflect the mirror. How do you satirise sociopaths? They don't care. How do you satirise a psychopath? They'll just pretend they aren't like that.

  13. I didn’t know there was a setting. What’s the name of the setting?

  14. Taking damage while looting or something like that. It's on the general gameplay settings.

  15. Bro horizon is legitimately the strongest 1 v 1 legend in the game.

  16. Hal is absolutely the best in the game when it comes to nades. His skynades are wild accurate and he sticks people like it's easy.

  17. Yea he is the best nadir I've seen personally. He has the timings down for them perfect.

  18. He was a smart dude back then, but I think his problem is that being smart breeds ego and he couldn't communicate his ideas effectively. He wanted to become an authority without establishing his ideas and theories and that worked against him. I think it's a bit premature to call out all the people who didn't necessarily agree with him back then, raven still has lots of L takes as well (Caprah/rampart/fuse for TSM). No one is infallible.

  19. Dude I legit didn't think he could get past gold. This shit is amazing ngl.

  20. I didn’t get the feeling that Colm was comparing himself to Beethoven and Mozart, per se. He knows he’s not them or anywhere close to them. That wasn’t his point. His point was that for him to have any shot at legacy, he needs his art to consume his life moving forward, and he has no time anymore for small talk and the mundane.

  21. But the point is that his supposed interest to legacy is a lie. If he really cared, he'd not chop his fingers off. While he thinks he's consciously self sabotaging, in reality he's unconsciously self sabotaging so he can blame Padraic for all his failures because that was his goal all along.

  22. I don’t think his goal was to blame Padraic for his failures. I think he was using him as a vehicle to impose an all or nothing rule on him. Padraic’s dullness was used as a way to guarantee he has an actually zero chance at becoming great. It was a way out. Maybe it’s easier for him to accept that he never became a great in his life if it was impossible (no fingers).

  23. How do you feel about it now? Just touching base with a bear.

  24. I wasn’t trying to paraphrase, I wanted to use the exact wording BBBY used.

  25. idk what OP is saying either, but bbby appears to be diluting their stock similar to how amc diluted theirs. all in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy (and/or possibly some nefarious reasons).

  26. RC still has board members in BBBY. Press x for doubt in regards to them still staying if the board is having nefarious ideas.

  27. Not financial advice or a financial expert, BUT, don't hold on leverage. Take profits and run when you get scared. I'm all for hodl, but using leverage to buy 5x more shares than you are readily capable is either gambling or a day trading strategy. Unless you have some insider knowledge that today is the day it travels up Uranus, I personally wouldn't hold until margin call.

  28. Chilling out has nothing to do with logic brother.

  29. He seems like the kind of guy who isn't quite competent at some aspects of the job but is easy to work with or be around. If nothing else, I have no problem with him being a caster, I just don't want to listen to him cast. Which means I'm rooting for him to improve basically lol.

  30. Oh shit I didn't notice the armor swap even till now lmao. Also yea this was my 2nd game upon returning to apex after not playing for 2 months so my gameplay knowledge has rotted to shit. Thanks for the advice though. I think my thought process was it was 2v3 so I might as well try to make the most of it by getting more kp before I get 2nd. Also I think im always too used to playing pubs and immediately pushing after someone is downed, something like muscle memory which in turn is terrible in final 3 squads.

  31. Immediately pushing is fine. It's how to get better at this game. The mindset required for it is the optimal way to be.

  32. Does Sweet know they are on match point? Lmao they are frying still

  33. Problem is if they play hard zone people think they are NRG. TSM thought the last team was NRG right? So they played psycho to hide the fact they are NRG. It's game theory.

  34. Thats not what I said but you are comparing apples to oranges.

  35. Xim is part of the console cheats I'm talking about. Also your point that recoil control is easily learnable is not a defensible position.

  36. I get the point but it's probably more like 10ms where human is like 120ms

  37. So about 200 million dollars worth of crypto was "hacked". Where did it go and who does it belong to?

  38. Vantage can go a step further and if she is aiming down sight without a weapon she can ping the location of the enemy within the big square scope tht is her passive + armor information and number of squad mates.

  39. Glad Gnaske speaks out and tells the truth. Cant hang with TSM, says so and bails. Flags banned, calls out the bullshit. He may not be the best Apex pro, but i do find myself liking him more and more lately.

  40. He's definitely one with one of the best personalities as far as I can tell. But what about him and TSM? Didn't hear nothing about it.

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