1. You can buy 5.4" h beam speed Master rods on summit that are full floating wrist pins that are way better at a decent price, then the pistons have to be a little shorter to match up to the deck height, DSS keeps them o. The shelf

  2. Check out DSS racing, a factory crankshaft will hold all you can run through a stock block and then some, the longer rod helps with the rod ratio and provides better piston stability at higher rpm

  3. We planned on keeping the crank you said factory rods are fine arnt they forged too?

  4. Super loud buzzing and it won’t play the guitar with and with out being plugged in

  5. Super loud buzz and guitar won't play sounds like a short somewhere in the cable

  6. I plan on swapping it to a real Strat neck the biggest thing right now is I’m trying to get the thing not to buzz like a bee

  7. Find the Drag Slash exploded view and the view for your Rustler and start comparing parts. You'll need arms, camber links, toe links, Slash chassis, body mounts, drag body and tires at minimum.

  8. Neither have I really, but honestly my mother has never shown me much of any kind of trust my whole life.

  9. Same I’m not allowed to ride my bike out of my cul de sac

  10. Me who excels at drifting but sucks at grips laughing menacingly

  11. Thank you guys for watching. Stay tuned for the other parts

  12. Yeah ill definitely follow along it’ll be a beast

  13. I can’t get over posts like this. How you do this? You FIFTEEN. Can you even drive? This has to cost over thousand bucks. Where did you get the money? Fuck i wish i was born in usa

  14. I bought my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $600 at 12 years old and now I’ve bought a 1988 Ford Mustang gt for 1200

  15. i want some coupe civic sis and normal foxbodys instead of the cobra and svo and maybe be able to swap the coyote into other cars smh

  16. Fuel pump switch he wont be able to start it unless he knows where the switch is

  17. maybe a dirt bike type track of one of the mud tracks in fh4

  18. new body kit wheels etc and if it runs decently slide around a track

  19. Man I’ve been looking more into it and it looks so dope😖

  20. Thank you for informing me on this. I’m obsessed

  21. That is a good deal...except conversion to CA and shipping....which is 33 bucks.

  22. We’ll be gassed out of the house with cheese, and he’d likely still realize there’s a pill in it

  23. Id take it tube the front and have a rad drift car.

  24. From what i can tell it looks like a predator mask thats all I know..

  25. It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets

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