1. This a mashup of cars and I love it lol

  2. Hahah still 6 days left for the auction if you look at past sales a white one sold for 300k

  3. I would upgrade the rods, if you go top a 5.4" rod instead of the factory 5.090" rod, it helps the pistons linger at the top and bottom a little longer which helps with longevity of the engine among other things

  4. Good to hear.I use DSS as mentioned by another poster,but there are plenty of online parts suppliers/builders for the Foxbody platform. DSS,CHP,FordStrokers,etc.

  5. On their ankles they have a bald spot from there boots.

  6. Yeah and I don’t care about that Ferrari is a pos company

  7. Okay but why would you want him to purposely destroy rare/valuable cars

  8. First time in 8 years I nailed a cake day! You will too

  9. If replacing belt tensioner does not fix belt squeal, the other option is A/C compressor bearing locking up. When replacing belt, check to see if wheel to A/C turns freely when car off. If does then just tensioner.

  10. The tensioner is literally flopping like a fish

  11. It has an internal spring last I checked there is no adjustment. Replacement only

  12. No mine was loose it may not be the same situation because the motor was torn down to the block but I thought it may help

  13. Yeah no way he ranked a bmw over an actual Supra 🤦‍♂️

  14. I have better things to do than care about where I rank individuals JDM cars. Enjoyed owning a few and now I’m moving upwards. Thanks tho!

  15. Bro I was playing and was at heat 4 my damage was almost all the way I went to a gas station and it didn’t register and I got hit and got caught.

  16. Ohhh I was going to say that look’s fixable but I didn’t realize both of the quarters are done

  17. As long as you match the years there plug and play. The harness changed many times over the chassis production.

  18. Yes or 4cyl to V8 swaps wouldn't be so easy. I have factory 89 2.3 body harness in my car. The harnesses I changed for my swap were everything in engine bay including headlight plus the transmission harness.

  19. Okay good because I have an engine harness I’m looking at a parts car that’s the year match’s so I should be good

  20. Super loud buzzing and it won’t play the guitar with and with out being plugged in

  21. Super loud buzz and guitar won't play sounds like a short somewhere in the cable

  22. I plan on swapping it to a real Strat neck the biggest thing right now is I’m trying to get the thing not to buzz like a bee

  23. Find the Drag Slash exploded view and the view for your Rustler and start comparing parts. You'll need arms, camber links, toe links, Slash chassis, body mounts, drag body and tires at minimum.

  24. I got sober when I was 30.

  25. Neither have I really, but honestly my mother has never shown me much of any kind of trust my whole life.

  26. Same I’m not allowed to ride my bike out of my cul de sac

  27. Me who excels at drifting but sucks at grips laughing menacingly

  28. Thank you guys for watching. Stay tuned for the other parts

  29. Yeah ill definitely follow along it’ll be a beast

  30. I can’t get over posts like this. How you do this? You FIFTEEN. Can you even drive? This has to cost over thousand bucks. Where did you get the money? Fuck i wish i was born in usa

  31. I bought my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $600 at 12 years old and now I’ve bought a 1988 Ford Mustang gt for 1200

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