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  1. I guess what I mean is just try playing around with the lyrics over the music and see what comes out. You can always change things but in someways the best thing to do is just take a few stabs and see what comes. That way you take a little bit of pressure off of the result you’re going for as well, because whatever happens happens.

  2. Oh okay I was kinda stressing because I have no idea what a melody does and wasn’t sure what to do to make one. Now I think I understand so we’ll see what happens!

  3. Keep us updated with your progess and how singing your lyrics finish out the song!

  4. I've broke more than a few high e strings that way tuning up on ear alone lol.

  5. How do you know when a song is finished like when you know you know?

  6. The details of this definition evolves as I do but.

  7. Okay It’s coming out awesome I still have some weird spots to figure out in the lyrics but I think I’ve got the guitar down really good

  8. Yeah I may need to figure this out eventually lol

  9. My cats hate my guitars too. Over time, they’ve learned to tolerate my electric guitars, but they nope out when I pull out the acoustic! Lol

  10. I love the guitar again I feel like I’ve said that a lot lol. Is there anyway you can put the lyrics in the comments so we can read them?

  11. I just started doing this and I’ll do it from now on. I always hid because I don’t really know much about songwriting, but now I know that’s okay I’ll comment more!

  12. I’m not an experienced guitarist or songwriter so take what I say with a grain of salt. Like another comment said you voice is a little bit quite, but I really like the guitar and the lyrics!

  13. Your voice is amazing!! Maybe make the lyrics more clear to hear? Other than that I like it!!

  14. Nothing fancy but they all look cool in my opinion!

  15. How much did these cost and are they making a new shifter?

  16. Good luck, I am not big fan of EJ

  17. We all have own opinions good Luck with your build!

  18. Indeed we have our own and it makes the car community more fun

  19. Yup! if only all conversations about cars went like this it would be way less toxic.

  20. I write them, get that good feeling and then a few weeks later feel majorly embarrassed at the thought of releasing them.

  21. I have one have yet to finish it is " I want to lash out and be proud, but I end building my own shroud" I think it has to do with my tendency to mouth off at the wrong time.

  22. My bad ;) I’d say is a stretch

  23. Lol this was my initial thought too. Doing donuts and caught a lamp post or something. Glad OPs not at fault.

  24. Yeah I was waiting for someone to ask if he slid into a crowd😂

  25. I'm not a chicken racist, but have you ever seen an employed black chicken? Makes you think.

  26. Yeah just got to figure out how to go about doing it then I’ll be set

  27. Im in the same boat with wanting to DIY some sequential lights for my 88. But then again ive gotta rebuild my engine so ive got some bigger fish to fry.

  28. Yeah I saw that one but I wanted something less crazy

  29. Technically with the short style headrest and turbine wheels, it would be what a 1990 would look like

  30. You see a problem I see an awd weight reduction monster, thank you for your help I’ll be sure to get a 10 point

  31. RowdysGarage. I know him personally and this title is sort of correct. He’s aiming for 1800hp all said and done.

  32. He is a crazy guy. Originally he was putting a hellcat engine into it but decided that was boring and not interesting to him.

  33. Just keep yanking mine was stuck and if I remember correctly it was rusted in and we used a rubber mallet and keep hitting and pulling till it came out

  34. Changing keys can help you sing higher, which may give you the breeziness you’re looking for. Play around with chords as well you’d be surprised how a small tweak can change the entire tone and feel of a line.

  35. Yeah I’ll have to mess with it a little more. I can play my chord progression with out even thinking about it so I’ll just have to practice singing to

  36. You could consider getting a singing teacher. The voice is incredibly complex, and it can pay to have the input of an expert.

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