1. Well as a TA, I acknowledge this is the reality of the situation, unless it's multiple choice, there's going to be a discrepancy between marks based on who marks it, I'd say what you should try to do is discuss this with the prof and show them your work and grade along with another student's work and their grade and see what they say. They might be willing to change the grade or you might just have to suck it up. Nothing is coming out of it if you don't ask. Something may change if you do ask.

  2. Thanks for the insight, I’ll try it out!

  3. You can’t even get into York for CS with a 90 at this point

  4. Some school have Starbucks on campus and you can trade a dining hall meal for starbucks

  5. OSSD in general is already showing great discrepancy over different regions, boards, and even schools. Teachers are marking more leniently and inflation is very common. Thus being back in person will not decrease the average as we “transition” out of covid

  6. My point is: unless teachers start to think COVID is no longer affecting students and begin to mark fairly using their “old standards”, the average will not decrease,

  7. As long as he finish the OSSLT course he can still graduate, and all university programs have the requirements of you graduating on time.

  8. You’ve officially been baptized the Kingston way (sorry for your loss tho)

  9. gosh I’d rather not be baptized🤡

  10. that will be a concern for some competitive programs such as UTSG CS, which actually sends out majority of offers before April, which is before your sem 2 midterm. So you can consider retaking it imo…

  11. It is very confusing. I just paid tuition/residency fees. Excited to move in, get orientations, etc. And the first thing I hear I need to pay $142 for orientation. It is not mandatory, but what if I don't take it? Everyone seems to like it, but I still don't understand what it offering for the money and what will happen for students who won't go there? I wish queens website was more informative.

  12. All the events for computing OWeek are already on their website! Google Queen Computing Orientation and get their handbook to see how our money are spent for orientation!

  13. No… I just feel gr10 and 11 math are very straightforward and I understood it everyday during class so I don’t need as much practice. Our gr12 is mysteriously so many times more difficult…

  14. We do, quite a few actually

  15. Lock the frame not the wheel. I just moved here and the amount of people with poor locking technique baffles me. Maybe this is why the theft probably is so big?

  16. Would you mind sharing a correct pic of how to lock a bike💀

  17. May I know your height as a reference for size?😅

  18. Ngl second season has been kinda disappointing 😔

  19. How to stay remote while expecting the program to be not remote 🙃

  20. Probably nothing tbh. No one’s figured out what they look at in waterloo CS or UofT CS for the past years. They be admitting whoever they want.

  21. Just gotta suck it up... Or just don't go to uni 🥲

  22. tbh in most cases not so much imo, unless it’s related to your personality, you can show them your passions, as well as potentially how it’s helpful for the program you applied to

  23. Usually not unless you have a very good reason. (Not: I’m applying to competitive school and I need this)

  24. So, as a student with low mid average(around 93) hoping to apply to CS, York and western are considered my safety. (York somehow required a 90 last year and western high 80s)

  25. If by close to Sep 20, and you think there’s no way you can catch up and you have no confidence to do any assignments in python, you can transfer to CISC101 and relearn python for the entire term

  26. You can get around McMaster CS by taking stuff like SES which is the earth science, and/or ICS4U and/or TEJ4M

  27. Sorry for response but I’m confused. Wait yo wdym, can I still apply to mac cs without sciences?

  28. Mac is a bit special, I think you can apply if you have TEJ4M and ICS4U. But I didn’t have TEJ so I still don’t qualify

  29. Thanks for the reply! Bruh our school discontinued our engineering program for 12😭 I can’t still apply? That’s not fair though, I asked my guidance last yr and she said it doesn’t matter as long as your in the 90’s no? Like will they stop me from applying completely. What if I have like a 98 average??

  30. average only matters after the prerequisites are met. So even if you have 100 but not the courses they need you will be rejected. According to their website, you need ENG4U, MCV4U, and two of: SBI4U, SCH4U, SPH4U, SES4U, ICS4U, TEJ4M

  31. Ryerson is downtown and more opportunities. York is not a very lively campus and starting later (winter) so why not just go for ryerson.

  32. Everyone will tell you waterloo. And I agree. I would simply suggest you to keep in mind that it will be completely normal to get rejected even with a 99% average. So think Waterloo CS as one of those “let me in for the lottery draw” program and research for other schools you’d like to attend too.

  33. I’m pretty sure the email for self-selection move in time is not out yet (As of Aug 10)

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