1. Is the windrunner good? I want to buy one, but i have heard that if it gets touched by any branches it will rip, what is its quality like?

  2. I use it for airsoft and haven't ripped it yet. I think it's pretty sturdy (for what it is). It is a 100% nylon with micro rip stop threading.

  3. Found it 😂 B&T Rotex-V

  4. Yep, but that specific thing thete is just a blast deflector, not a suppressor. ASG has a licensed copy. There's this short blast deflector, a short suppressor (about double the length of the deflector) and a standard length suppressor.

  5. alright ill bite, link me this infamous casio, I will purchase.

  6. Probably a G Shock GW6600 or 6900 (American Sniper/ Chris Kyle )

  7. Not worth it imo. You're limited in range. Even a shitty 1J build will get BBs out to 50m, while you hope to reach 40... With decent guns still clappin' ass out to 60 or more you can suppress fire all you want - you just will not reach the enemy lines for it to matter.

  8. Normally I'd recommend Pencott Greenzone, but it is really hard to get these days.

  9. Phantomleaf Wasp Z3a Pencott Wildwood Atacs FG-X

  10. I was just interested if you've made some advances with this project. I'm thinking about buying one of those things (again) but would like to learn first if you've found some possibility to modify it.

  11. Whatever you do to it, make sure to document the process. The TMP is a fine rig, except for those dinky little pouches.

  12. I really like number 3 (the tan and green). Could really work well in an autumn woodland environment if you ask me. Especially if there is some grass and evergreens involved and not just fallen leaves on the ground.

  13. Yeah well, it depends. If the enemy is just well dug in and doesn't move you're gonna have a hard time spotting and engaging. Only good coordination with the team could help you fix it. If you know their position you could attack from two sides. Approach simultaneously but have the first engagement on the side that is harder to take to draw enemy fire and attention there. Go full blast there to appear to be a much larger force and hope the enemy shifts forces away from their other flank. Then, when the enemy is engaging your fake attack try and take their weaker flank.

  14. I liked the badlands, figured get a couple sets before they disappear.

  15. Do you care to give a run down of what you have there? I can recognize the odd pouch here and there but I'd just like to know what else to look for when researching my own kit. Thanks

  16. Looks like barf, which is a dead giveaway that it will perform pretty well in the field!

  17. Arktis is the real deal. According to Dom Hyde (creator of Pencott) it's the closes print to what he had envisiond when creating the pattern.

  18. Really cool photos! I hope it helps with your mission and also helps squash C21!

  19. How’s the durability on the windrunner? Good to see another helikon tex fan

  20. Surprisingly durable. The material is thin, but it holds up to airsofting quite easily. Sure, it doesn't have the same abrasion resistance as NyCo, but it's much more than plain old cotton.

  21. Good to know, lots of brambles in my area. Want one to match the rest of my kit. Currently run a helikon tex swagman for a cold layer/ sleeping bag in fall/ beginning of the cold

  22. Ah if you have the swagman then the outer material is the same as the windrunner. If you have nods you can test that. I think the material would be OK if they took care of the dyes, but what really might put IR usability in the toilet is the DWR coating.

  23. What do you use it for? It looks like you don't have it set up for mags and stuff...

  24. I really wish the pistol mag pouches were not there but instead had some molle. I never used these pouches for anything and would have preferred a place to put a radio pouch and something to hold a smoke grenade.

  25. Not really that great. For most things it is basic chinesium.

  26. I don't know how to explain how you could best mimic the multicam pattern, but the colors should be easy to find and paint any other pattern freestyle.

  27. I believe a dark brown is much better than black in any camo. True black just really blocks up, and every shadow I have encountered in nature also isn't really black. It's super dark for sure, but never black. Also, maybe take a look at the Novritsch Kreuzotter pattern, which is basically recolored tiger stripe for airsoft.

  28. https://giphy.com/gifs/3ohhwfAa9rbXaZe86c

  29. You would not believe me if I told you how much I eat.

  30. As a former skeleton myself I wish I could still stuff my face like back when.

  31. Best advice for a newborn is a bottle washer and a bottle warmer, they save so much freaking time and when the little one is crying trying to wash a bottle is similar to try to reload under fire, shits way harder.

  32. The second advice is great! Kids don't know shit about anything, but they really enjoy coming along to stuff that you enjoy. It's not important what you do, but how you feel doing it. That's a language they fully understand.

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  34. There aren't really many SMG specific chest rigs on the market. What you have found seem to me to be the better options. Most options are basically just a placard that holds four mags and some shoulder straps... If you want a little more versatility then there is the UR-tactical minimo and rapid response option for which you'd need a mag placard still. But it offers some molle on the sides for you to use whatever you need. Plus there is the Spiritus route...

  35. Yeah it stuffs really small. I think I should still be able to fit it in a medium sized fanny pack. It fits in a Spiritus Sack pouch and depending on the pants in some cargo pockets.

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