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  1. Ok maybe it was the first 1/3rd.. I really hit Chad and said wait a minute.. You mean Chad gets all this and I don't?!

  2. And here's a fun fact: paid maternity leave is offered in every country except the United States and Papua New Guinea.

  3. I’m the oddball and still have my Pinterest board because I loved planning. 😂

  4. I'm definitely going to stay in my resort's Facebook page and private chat for a bit to give info and tips. But knowing I can respond when I want and not have to look at wedding stuff all the time is such a relief! 😊

  5. But don't you still love looking at ring porn or beautiful ceremonies?

  6. Ring porn 😄 I guess that's not really my thing.

  7. When I originally posted i didn't realize it was such a common thing for people to call other people outside of family by family terms... my parents were very careful who we trusted and were around so this was a foreign concept to me and I didn't realize it was such an issue for people. I think the reason it bothered me so much originally was because my husband wanted our kids to call all of his friends Aunt and Uncle and to me those names were meant for special people you coukd trust. We've since talked about this and he's chosen people he absolutely knows he can trust outside of family that she will refer to as Aunt or Uncle.

  8. I don't know your husband's relationship with his family and I certainly won't presume, but there are many people who trust their friends a thousand times more than they trust their family.

  9. This is wild and I’m seriously wondering if this is the blue/gold dress all over again and people are trolling lol I literally hear “fuck” because their is a clear “uck” in that. I’m so confused lol

  10. Same! I can't hear Barbie at all. I've tried 10 times. There's no mistaking it. Whether I look at the screen or look away while it's being said. It's "Oh F***!" Clear as day.

  11. What kind of phone do you have? I bet your speaker is a little tinny.

  12. The only thing I've had the most success with is e-vites.

  13. Ugh, I wish this was the case for me! It was so hard to get people to RSVP even with e-vites. Some people checked out the website but forgot to RSVP. Others saw the invite and never responded. What drove me crazy more than anything: the people who saw it, opened it, didn't RSVP, but they were a hard no. How hard is it to click a button that says "Respectfully decline"?!

  14. Really really lovely! I love the back. This is exactly the kind of dress I was looking for but didn’t find 😂 the neckline is gorge. Congratulations!

  15. Thank you! Yea, I ended up ordering from a shop in the UK, so definitely not a dress found in the US (as far as I know)! 😄

  16. If I didn't know any better, I'd think telling the truth wasn't their Maine objective.

  17. But it is the truth. These are towns in Maine.

  18. It is really strange to expect someone you just met 3-5 months ago to help foot the bill for your bachelorette. Good for you and your wife for getting out now!

  19. Or accept that if people can't afford it, they won't attend.

  20. I think she's asking if these are really your final 2.

  21. Or maybe it's just a giant leaf... 🤔

  22. I guess I'm the only one who's gonna go for the simple one with the bow haha

  23. I like it without the bow, but yes! The back is beautiful, and I think the front is MUCH better than #1

  24. A genius or a God. Both beliefs are frightening to think about.

  25. Get plenty of sleep, drink water, and try not to be discouraged if you're not finding "the one." It can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. Don't feel pressure to like a dress that you don't, and don't let anyone talk you out of something you love.

  26. 1 or 3, but I like 3 the best. That neckline is lovely on you.

  27. I went to my cousin's wedding years ago. There were about 40 guests. The bride and groom came in together (you could have your dad walk you instead), and all the guests came together and stood around the bride and groom in a close, intimate setting. The ceremony was only 5 minutes (and no one had mobility/standing issues), so it was fine. The ceremony and reception was in the same space - a rented out second floor of a restaurant. The flowers were fake, and I helped bake cupcakes the day before for the cupcake tower. Beer and wine were included, and liquor was a cash bar. Their friend did their photos, and they splurged only on a DJ.

  28. I'm going to let you in on a little secret of life: the hardest workers will many times be the people in the background, rather than the ones in the spotlight.

  29. $950, included hemming, taking in at the busy, shortening straps, and an 11-point bustle.

  30. 11-point bustle? I didn't know this was a thing!

  31. And check out her other tweets since then, including: "Raise the voting age to 21."

  32. LOVE that lace pattern, and the shape is so flattering on you! 😊

  33. Assuming this is an NPC sorority...

  34. You or someone from your chapter, will let the chapter at your new school know your transferring.

  35. Per NPC, a transfer student who is already an initiated member of the sorority doesn't count against Total. In other words, if a chapter is already at or above Total, they can still allow a transfer student to join at any time, if the chapter chooses to do so.

  36. I can def fake the average sorority girl thing since I’m blonde haha. But I don’t think I want to I’d rather be myself and get declined from all of them then fake it and be unhappy with girls I can’t relate to. Thank you! I suppose I will just be myself and if I get a bid I’ll know I have a good fit and if not then it’s not for me

  37. This is the right attitude! Good luck to you

  38. How did your daughter "drop" chapters first and second round? I assume you mean she ranked them low.

  39. I don’t consider it deceptive. A wedding is in my opinion the celebration of your commitment to each other. My partner and I had a wedding ceremony and reception and we did not legally get married or sign an actual marriage license so we are technically not married even tho we say we’re married and call each other husband and wife.

  40. And I'm in the opposite position where I was legally married last month, but we still refer to each other as fiance(e). 😄 We have our symbolic ceremony next month.

  41. Got legally married in early Oct, hosted a brunch the next day with all local people invited to our wedding in the DR (14 invited, 11 attended), and posted pics to social media for all to see. 🤷‍♀️

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