1. I just hit my 4 month mark and I have been using hair fibers on my head. After I put the hair fibers in I use hairspray to hold my hair and fibers in place. My question is do you think its safe to use hairspray on my hair? Nothing seems to hold my fibers and hair in place except that.

  2. I was told hair fibers can be used after 45 days and hair spray can be used after 4+ months. You may want to consider a spray like this tho, it is all natural and way safer.

  3. Ok thanks! I may try and do that.

  4. Ok cool! I appreciate you getting back to me on this. Definitely makes me feel better about my situation! I guess I just need to be more patient. I just keep seeing all these guys on here with full heads of hair at like 4 months it's crazy.

  5. It's the ugly duckling stage, you'll be fine in 1-2 months

  6. I labeled each picture with before and after. The last 3 being after pics. Are they really that bad? Try clicking on each individual picture.

  7. Last pic looks better can see the difference I missed it the first time

  8. Yeah that's what I keep hearing also. So I just have to be patient and hope for the best. Good luck if you decide to go through with it, and do your research to limit the chances of getting a bad one!

  9. I switched 4 months ago just before my HT so I haven't seen any noticeable results yet. Hoping I do further down the road from my HT.

  10. Pretty early compared to most I think. I think it was around the 15 day mark.

  11. keep us updated in month 4, I reckon it’ll sprout then

  12. Fingers crossed it does! I'll do an update at month 4.

  13. Good luck with your journey bud! Keep us all updated on your progress!

  14. Your HT looks exactly how mine did at that time, especially your density. We had similar hairloss also, and I got 3500 grafts. I'm right at 2 months, so I'm just a little ahead of you. Hopefully our HTs turn out great!

  15. Oh fantastic…. I’ve checked out your profile I definitely agree! How it’s yours going atm? Next stage for me is the shedding which I haven’t noticed much/any of so far. Yeah hopefully, I’m excited to see your progress!

  16. The shedding phase for sure sucks, and I'm definitely in the middle of that now. Just hoping and waiting for these new hairs to start coming out. I plan on doing another post at 3 months with an update bud.

  17. after a discussion with the doctor he told me that 1). I would have to shave my head, which i did not want to do and 2). it costs a lot more…plus if i were to shave my head I wouldnt be able to disguise my transplant initially (redness, bruising, etc) for at least a week or so. And Being that the FUT was already almost $6 a graft, i really didnt want to even know how much the FUE was. What really swayed me towards the second FUT was that he told me that I would not get a second line scar at the back of my head, he said that they work within the scar area by taking the next row above or below the scar…with the scar tissue itself..that way when it heals you still end up with just one line scar..which i didnt even know.

  18. Gotcha, well good luck with the results man!

  19. I did get mine with FUE, but I'm still waiting on the results. I'm coming up on 2 months since my HT, and I'm deep in the ugly duck shedding phase so it sucks!

  20. I almost went to that same clinic, and the other one in Nashville for consultations to have the ARTAS done. Glad I did my research and chose not to get it. The punch size is 1mm and leaves visible scaring. Also many of the times the ARTAS will not get you the number of grafts you want or need. I chose a reputable FUE surgeon and got many more grafts than the WE GROW HAIR surgeons said I could get with the ARTAS. I'm very happy I did my research and chose not to get the ARTAS procedure. Now for my results with my recent HT and not using the ARTAS..... well I'm still waiting on the results. I'm currently in the ugly duck shedding phase. I would do way more research on hair transplants and surgeons before you decide to go there though bud.

  21. Best of luck to you! Thank you for the reply. So many varying opinions out there. The results on their websites are really great

  22. Best of luck with your decision!!

  23. We all want to know how many grafts???

  24. I'd like to know if you can just stop taking Finasteride cold turkey and just transition straight to Dutasteride with the same or hopefully better results?

  25. You have similar hairloss as me, and I just got 3500 grafts over a couple weeks ago. I wish I would have gotten closer to 4000 though, just to play it safe with getting good density. I would shoot for just a little above 3500 to play it safe.

  26. It can be both shedding and shock loss of existing hairs caused by the operation. Now just do your thing and let time pass by until you see your first growth start from 1 month+- from now.

  27. Thanks bud I appreciate it!

  28. Looks good man! Where did you get it done?

  29. Thanks, I hope it turns out good. International medical hair transplant clinic in HCMC, VN

  30. Gotcha, well good luck with it bro!

  31. I had one pop out last night that looked exactly like that when I washed my head. I didn't panic because everyone says it's normal, and I'm at day 13.

  32. I can see and understand why people want to hide it. You have to think, once you start telling people you had a HT. Then that is all they will remember you by from now on after that. Anytime you walk in the room the first thing they are gonna look at, or think about from now on is your hair and the transplant. Anytime you walk away from a group of people that is all they will talk about behind your back. No matter what you do you will be remembered from now on and talked about as the guy with the hair transplant.

  33. Just looked at your pics. Your work looks good in both the donor and the recipient areas. Now you just have to see if it yields. Your surgeon made an effort to replicate nature. My surgeon didn't even bother.

  34. Thanks man, that definitely makes me feel better about it. I really need it to be successful!

  35. I have heard it said that the US is the 2nd biggest biggest black market for surgical hair restoration. Despite all the laws here, you really aren't guaranteed anything anywhere no matter how much you've paid.

  36. Man I hope that isn't true, especially for my case! Either way I wish you the best of luck bud!

  37. That's the problem. Always different advise and periode from doctors. For me it was no ibuprofen for the first two weeks before and after transplant. Painkillers there did not thin blood was fine after on day 0

  38. I totally agree! My clinic is the first one I've heard of to say to take the scabs off on day 7. Everywhere else they say to wait at least 10 to 14 days before you start taking the scabs off.

  39. There I was told to not remove them myself as they would come off automaticly when I did dip-wash them with babyshampo0 about the 10-14 days mark. - They also did. (I guess that is slightly removing them myself)

  40. Well hopefully our HT's still turn out great bud!

  41. My procedure took 12 hours. Luckily they had Netflix for me to watch most of the time. I would ask the clinic you're going to if they have that. If not I would watch/listen to some podcast with headphones.

  42. Looks good bud, and thanks for explaining on what's to come after the HT.

  43. This is gonna be one heck of a transformation, man! Congrats, and please keep us posted - I think this will be one for the books!

  44. Much appreciated bud, I hope you are right!

  45. Yeah I definitely did on the 3rd day, but a lot less on the 4th day, but nothing to crazy. I'm on the 5th day now and it's practically all gone.

  46. All pics are with flash..Right side is thinner. Got growth starting at aboit month 4-5.

  47. You should put up some before pics, so we can get a better assessment of your growth.

  48. Can you send more after photos? Especially of the donor area. I have the same type of hairloss and was thinking I need 3500 grafts also.

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