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  1. I would imagine if there was anything hugely important in there (e.g a volume of lost Roman poetry or something) they would have led with that.

  2. This statue commemorates Theophilus. We can't prove how he cheated, but he threw the discus like eight miles and not telling everyone else if you're half-god doesn't seem fair.

  3. how in the world did she lift that stone

  4. We are suspicious that many of the stories in the Bible were made up. The claim by the High Priests of Israel that "the body was stolen," may have been made up. Another possibility is that the High Priests said " The body could have been stolen, or the body misplaced, or the body might have tossed in a common grave, there is no proof at this late date what happened. This story about a resurrection sounds made up." Matthew then abbreviated the High Priest's story..

  5. Early Jewish writers or thinkers either were not thinking about Jesus or their thoughts were lost to time since we do not have ANY writings that are contemporary to the time of his death. Only at the very tale-end of the 1st Century do we see any reference to Jesus from Jewish sources, and that is the writing of Jocephus (which in of itselt comes with a giant asterisk, seeing as it was only preserved by Christian writers, and historians largely agree Josephus' work was edited by those transcribers).

  6. Yeah but with what years he had, he was a far more inspiring and good person than Brandon would have been with 100 years. His point was that Brando was wasted potential good. Reeve never wasted a day of his life. His loss was tragic, but his life was full and impactful, at the least.

  7. That wasn’t my contention. She’s a dingdong, but the Bible says what it says.

  8. that has nothing to do with my statement

  9. His argument is, for its time, pretty compelling. There’s a whole industry around arguing sides of this topic.

  10. I know I’m in the minority here, but his character was a bit too on the nose for me. I like Woody’s character and acting a lot more. Both did a great job though.

  11. Not for being stabbed he doesn’t.

  12. Is it safe to kiss a nonvenomous snake?

  13. Leon is the real movie, released everywhere but the prudish USA, and The Professional was the title for the weird American version that’s missing character development and extra hit man stuff. 🤷‍♂️

  14. Those stupid prudes not wanting to sexualize children. How dare they.

  15. I guess you're referring to a scene in which a child who has experienced trauma and has no family comes on to an adult (in one line of dialogue) and the adult is clearly uncomfortable and rebukes her? Or are you referring to a scene when a child plays dress up? Oh gee, that's so inappropriate! How SEXUALIZED. 🤷‍♂️

  16. The MPAA is a joke and Leon’s writer/director is a sexual predator.

  17. What options do you have? If you just started working at a civil firm the choice of software isn't something you decide.

  18. Freelance for different construction companies. I’ve heard Rapid Plan, Corel, or AutoCAD recommended.

  19. My man Sturgill can’t get no love?

  20. I read the first hundred pages or so of Underworld for a college class on the Pulitzer Prize. Though I enjoyed some elements of the book, I really despised other bits, to the extent that I quit reading it, which I don't often do. How's your experience with it so far?

  21. Which parts did you dislike so much?

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