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  1. I'm not surprised... the first season was epic! but this last season was so boring and it became repetitive

  2. I never figured out who runs that subreddit. Gay male, lesbian, straight or who else?

  3. Anything larger than 6 inches is painful and uncomfortable for me...

  4. Of course! But I always carry a gun... like the pro-gun LGBT group "pink pistols" says: "Gays with guns don't get bashed"

  5. I'm not a big fan of the TV show "UFO witness" (Ben Hansen) but there is an episode in which they went to a ranch where a dead cow had been mutilated and the described the same feeling of oddness, uneasiness and "feeling watched"

  6. Have you boycotted Twitter in favor of Mastodon yet? Twitter is heading for Truth Social and Parler status at light speed.

  7. It's kinda complicated to join Mastodon...

  8. OMG! so early and the gloom and doom has already started here on reddit...

  9. Indonesia is a muslim-majority country (more than 85% muslim) so I don't get why everyone is suprised...

  10. I'm TIRED of democrats playing politics with our rights! They are not different than republicans

  11. Are they gay? I'm asking because of the pride flag...

  12. Alito is 72 and Thomas is 74 so at that age anything can happens at any time

  13. You can read "Fallen Eagle" for free here:

  14. Sponsors... companies and organizations that sponsor that message

  15. It's their "culture" and you have to respect that, otherwise you will be a "racist bigot" and a "islamophobe"

  16. They are men and straight... so they are the ones to decide what is a sin and what morality should be. The power is theirs and for them

  17. I don't think he is cheating on you or that he has someone else

  18. I loved "Dashing in December" (2020) and "The Christmas set-up" (2020) the first christmas movie with a gay storyline for Paramount and Lifetime that year. Both movies are among my favorites ever!

  19. Decades ago women (girls) made almost all the cases of eating disorders... they were even a trend back in the 00's

  20. I love the mid-century modern furniture!

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